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  • 1950s

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Reference number: 4389

Date: 1951

Director: [attributed to Pennycook]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 3.50 mins

Description: Family Christmas party and the visit of Laurel and Hardy to the Scottish Stage and Screen Memorial Club.

Part 2 available on viewing or broadcast tape.

[Rare view of the notorious joker A E Pickard, well known for the gimmick of having a television set in his car and aerial on the roof]

Shotlist: Part 1
no title. gv's family in house during party at Christmas. (2.28) [25fps]

Part 2
[shotlisted with the aid of Gordon Irving, and Bill Kinnaird who covered the event for the Glasgow Evening News, see notes in Additional Information]
no title (0.00) [visit of Laurel and Hardy to the Scottish Stage and Screen Memorial Club, Glasgow]. Gv's visitors at entrance to the Club with members of the Scottish cinema trade in attendance. Stan Laurel fingers his raincoat to reveal a tartan waistcoat. (0.40) Oliver and Mrs Hardy emerge, and stand beside Screen club chairman Gerald Roche (UK cinema trade advertising executive based in Glasgow). Shot Albert Ernest Pickard, cinema owner and showman (short man in plus fours tweed suit) in the group. Hardy casts his eyes up to the dummy TV aerial installed on the roof of Pickard's car and rolls his eyes in typical expression and laughs with the rest of the party. [Kinnaird recalls that there was a dummy TV set inside the car] Shot Pickard's car and aerial. (2.23) group of people in doorway including Sidney Matthews, Pennycook, Dundee cinema exhibitor (3.01) Harry Gordon in tweed jacket and kilt with group in doorway. (3.42) staff of the Club (3.50) [18fps]