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  • Aberdeenshire


  • Leisure and recreation
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  • 1950s

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Reference number: 4221

Date: 1958, July 19

Director: [filmed by Alan Stott]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.50 mins

Description: General views of the Collieston Gala Day, July 1958, a swimming event arranged by Dee Swimming club and visitors from nearby ship HMS Scott.

Shotlist: Banner and bunting for Collieston Gala Day; /ls crowds standing on the harbour wall (0.13); c/u's various registration plates; c/u 1/- parking tickets; views of cars parked on the beach (1.09); HMS Scott frog men jump into the harbour to find 'treasures'; the treasures are shared with the children on the beach (2.41); ms Captain Steve Ritchie makes an announcement (2.53) gvs of food stall run by Dick and Betty Donald, Lady Ritchie is seen in f/ground chatting to frogmen (3.05) ls HMS Scott, hydrographic survey vessel, coast in foreground (2.15); Lt. Cdr. Simeon being interviewed by the Press & Journal Newspaper (7.35); ls boat, the 'Idle Times' in harbour; Dick Ingram and Lewis Cowie taking a group of young men and boys out in a small boat to visit the ship; (5.00) launch returning from the ship (5.58) small rowing boats heading out for a visit; ls ship (6.23) swimmers walk out onto harbour wall, lead by piper Bob Patterson; Swimming Gala, organised by the Dee Swimming Club; (8.20); Tombola Tent (8.36) views of swimming and watching crowds (9.56) pan over queue waiting to see the Scott (10.20) sunbathers; shot of older women sitting together on benches and paddling (11.47) HMS Scott skiffle band; couple are cajoled into dancing (12.48) Highland Dancing display by two girls; (14.13) ls Gala crowds (14.22); gvs of coastline - The End (14.50)