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  • Glasgow


  • Religion


  • Educational
  • Religion


  • Scottish Amateur Film Festival (SAFF)


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 4190

Date: 1963c

Sponsor: Scottish Catholic Film Institute

Production company: p. Lawrence Russell

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30.20 mins

Description: Dramatised story of a young woman from Glasgow who decides to give up her secretarial job to join the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. She travels to London, Paris and Dublin to study, before finally returning to Glasgow to work with the poor.

Winner of Oliver Bell Trophy (for a film of religious or moral significance) in Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1964.

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[last accessed 10/09/2020]

Credits: Margaret Barrett as Mary Chapman
religious adviser Rev J. Calahan
m. Sister Cecilia
sd. Frank Malloy
filmed in France, England, Ireland and Scotland

Shotlist: [shotlisted from mini DV - manual control track]

Scottish Catholic Film Institute presents - title & credits - shots of young woman Mary sitting typing at desk in office, answers telephone, takes message and resumes typing - shots of Mary looking out of window intercut with shots of ship 'Mahout' being launched (1.43) gvs of waterskiing on Loch Lomond? - shots of Mary sitting beside loch reading religious book - shots of Mary having tea and talking with her mother, looking downhearted (3.20) Mary prays in church - she walks through gardens of a convent, passing a nun by the river bank - she talks to a nun inside the convent, who leads her to the room of the Mother Superior - Mary hands her a letter and they chat, while looking at a statue of St, Vincent de Paul on the table - they walk over to a statue of a nun, then another statue of Sister Rosalie Rendu of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul - the Mother Superior hands Mary travel brochures for London and Dublin (7.44) gvs of an express steam train passing, a ferry setting sail, a sunset at sea - brief tracking shot on streets of Dublin and shot of car approaching convent, driver helping Mary in with luggage - shots of smiling postulants getting dressed and being summoned to hall by bell - shot of nun pointing to blackboard with 'Postulant 6 Months, Seminary Approx. 1 year, Motherhouse Paris, 3 Months' - shot of moon shining over convent as Mary says prayers by bedside and nun closes her door (9.39) shots of postulants kicking a ball around in the convent garden, Mary sits alone writing a letter to her mother - her mother reads the letter at home and looks downhearted - Mary stands at the convent door and looks sad - gvs in a children's hospital, children in cots being attended to by nuns - Mary approaches a young girl in a wheelchair and cheers her up by playing a finger game, and is observed by two of the nuns - Mary is taken by car to another convent - shots of nuns and novitiates in grounds - shots of nuns entering chapel and praying, priest at altar - shots of Mary and other novitiates trying on new habits and filing into chapel - shots of Mary learning from nun about the expansion of the mission, working in gardens with others, knitting and repairing vestments - nuns are summoned by bell and assemble at a shrine outside for prayers (16.51) shots of nuns getting into car outside convent, others waving goodbye - high shots of Paris street and traffic - shots driving towards Dublin airport - shots of runway and from aircraft taking off - shots flying over coastline - shots of aircraft at terminal - tracking shots from in car - shot of sign for 'St. Vincent's Central House' - shots of Mary and other novitiates arriving by car and greeted by nuns - novitiates reading in the garden, cooking in kitchens, sewing and ironing - shots of novitiates departing in car, nuns waving - aerial shots from aircraft over London, passing coastline (20.25) shot of Paris and Eiffel Tower - gvs of streets of Paris - shots of Rue du Bac and Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul - gvs of street and ints of chapel, statues and paintings - shots of novitiates in procession in grounds - Mary, now wearing nun's habit, joins nuns in chapel (22.32) shots of nuns getting out of Land Rover and riding horse in South America? - shots of nuns teaching in mission school in Africa, women learning to wash baby - shots of nuns working in laundry, hanging out washing in back yard, working with copy machine and typing, teaching, baking, cooking, working in hospital and teaching nurses - shots of nurses at hospital with older patients in wheelchairs, caring for elderly, at children's hospital, playing with children in grounds of hospital, skipping, knitting, dancing - shots of nuns supervising children's activities in gym, roller-skating - shot of nun helping girl with broken leg - shot of nun teaching with map - shot of Mary at prayer (27.34) shots of nuns on streets of Glasgow, crossing canal bridge, in tenement back courts - shots of Mary visiting old woman in tenement flat in poor area, helping with her medicine and chatting - THE END (29.05)