SCOTLAND: The Southern Uplands And Central Lowlands

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Title: SCOTLAND: The Southern Uplands And Central Lowlands

Reference number: 4123

Date: 1969

Director: d. Peter Boulton

Production company: Boulton-Hawker Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.54 mins

Description: A survey of the industries and agriculture of the Southern Upland And Central Lowland regions of Scotland.

See also sister film at ref. 4122

Credits: produced in association with The Educational Foundation For Visual Aids with the co-operation of The National Committee for Audio-Visual Aids in Education
educational adviser Dennis Walshaw
ph. Peter Boulton
maps Gladys Catterall, John Catterall, Anne Marie Boulton
distrib. Boulton-Hawker Films Ltd. & The Educational Foundation for Visual Aids

Shotlist: SCOTLAND The Southern Uplands And Central Lowlands (0.04) map of Scotland (1.45) [the following concerns the Southern Upland region] panning m/s dairy cattle grazing in field, cuts to brief int. milking parlour and brief shot milk tanker leaving dairy (2.34) l/s road and rail traffic passing along borders routes (3.04) l/s fields and landscape, highlighting trees, sheep and cattle (4.00) gvs arable farm land in the Tweed valley (4.57) int. textile factory showing a man operating tweed making machine (5.31) int. factory showing large tweed and cloth making looms and employees at work (6.03) map of Scotland (6.44) [the following concerns the Central Lowland region] gvs dairy cattle and Aberdeen Angus grazing (7.19) berry picking (strawberries) (7.53) aerial view over Stirling, l/s Stirling Castle (8.34) Perth street scene, showing buses and John Dewar distillery facade (8.53) int. this distillery showing women workers on the production line, packaging bottles into boxes (9.24) brief gv over Blairgowrie followed by gvs at Smedley's fruit and veg canning factory, Blairgowrie (10.09) map of Scotland (10.30) aerial shot over Glasgow and Clyde followed by gvs coal collieries (11.21) gvs Colvilles steel works (11.31) brief gv ship building on Clydeside shipyard (11.39) gvs empty wasteland where shipyards and collieries once stood, indicating the decline of these industries and the resultant unemployment in this region (12.00) int. and ext. Olivetti typewriter factory, int. turntable factory, electronics factory and clock factory, showing employees at work (13.00) brief int. Hillman car factory (13.10) gvs Edinburgh Princes Street from high vantage point and tracking shot from moving vehicle (13.40) ext. some Edinburgh factories - Caledonia Flour Mill, McEwan Brewers, Balerno Paper Mills (14.01) gvs Edinburgh Castle (14.32) ecs overlaid on a tracking shot along Princes Street (14.54)