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  • Glasgow


  • Architecture and buildings
  • Religion


  • Documentary


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 4037

Date: 1966*

Sponsor: Scottish Catholic Film Institute

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 28.21 mins

Description: Set in Maryhill, this film follows the real-life story of priest Brendan Murphy and the obstacles he faces in starting a new church for the people newly housed in high-rise flats in the area.

Credits: sd. Park Film Studios
religious adviser Rev. Brendan Murphy
w. Lawrence Russell
p. Lawrence Russell

Shotlist: shot taken from moving vehicle running along Glasgow street - Maryhill? (0.22) shot of high rise flats, where old army barracks once stood (0.31) shot of red telephone box, pan down/up high rise block of flats (0.51) priest sends message with little girl, shot as she runs alongside school building (1.10) priest walking in to church in process of refurbishment, rolled up plans in hand (1.18) boy manually drilling hole in wooden crucifix (1.24) priest looking out window, little girl comes up and they walk out together (1.36) title and credits (2.09) aerial shot Glasgow streets, probably in Maryhill (2.18) priest pulls up in car at house, a house at a nearby presbytery as there was no church or house awaiting when he arrived at first (2.45) shot of priest sitting at desk, working with map and notebook (2.55) priest walks up to Wyndford Flats, pan up and down of same (3.07) he surveys the local area from a fourteenth floor balcony (3.18) gvs derelict school buildings below, and exts same - potentially could be made into a church (3.49) ints empty classroom with chairs and tables piled up, priest and two men walk around and observe; c/u blackboard with caricature and 'teacher ha ha' drawn on it (4.19) the priest, relaxing in his chair with a cigarette, makes a phonecall (4.32) shot of City Chambers (4.40) shot of priest sitting at home smoking and reading a pamphlet, makes telephone call (4.51) shot of priest sitting at desk, working with map and notebook (4.59) priest talking to two women, introducing one another (5.05) exts high rise flats (5.11) ints sitting room, priest talking to man with hand in plaster (5.26) priest exiting and entering high rise flat buildings (5.50) priest enters home of girl and her mother, performs blessing ceremony for their new home (6.24) shot of altar, gold communion cup and associated religious ornamentation on table, donated by the Archbishop (7.01) priest picking up post from letterbox, opens one envelope to find a bunch of keys (7.25) exts derelict schoolhouse (7.31 ints same, as men and women prepare place of worship, setting out chairs etc (8.02) c/u sign 'St. Gregory's Oratory' (8.07) gvs people of all ages entering church (8.22) ints ceremony in progress, shots of congregation and priest carrying out sacraments (8.55) ladies and children exit their 'church' (9.01 ) ints priest answering telephone (9.14) exts school on Shakespeare Street (9.17) talking on telephone (9.21) shot of City Chambers building (9.30) aerial view St. Gregory's (9.39) priest putting on robes, ints Mass, including burning incense (10.21) priest studying a diary and smoking at a large desk (10.38) aerial shot of old Garrison church in the snow (10.46) ints and exts delapidated church with broken windows etc (11.01) exts, same (11.15) young family having baby christened in St. Gregory's (11.59) brief ext City Chambers (12.06) priest relaxing at home, shaving with electric razor and reading map (12.21) panoramic view over Glasgow tenements and hillsides (12.29) priest making notes and reading map (12.39) exts Shakespeare Street school building (12.48) gvs unloading furniture and preparing new 'church' inside school building, assembling pulpit etc, includes shot of nuns covering tables with embroidered cloth, laying out candles (13.52) people enter gates (13.54) young boy lights candle (14.02) ints crowded hall, priest preaches sermon to congregation, sacraments are given and communion is taken (15.34) furniture is dismantled and packed away, nuns fold cloth (16.01) congregation exits (16.14) priest talks to young boys (16.31) priest visits woman ill in bed to hear confession (17.08) man arrives at night at St. Gregory's, is welcomed in by priest (17.24) priest and fellow priest sit talking and smoking (17.54) they count money from offerings (18.17) shot of old school building (18.23) St. Gregory's in the snow (18.30) gvs people at worship, ints and exts looking in from darkness outside (19.16) exts Shakespeare Street school building (19.22) children take their first communion (20.20) silhoutte of tree against setting sun (20.25) priest writing letter at desk (20.45) car drives up outside St. Gregory's church and another priest enters (21.05) c/u poster for 'girl's club' at church (21.15) the two priests chat on outdoor steps (21.26) ints girl's club, children dance, do gymnastics and paint papier mache models (22.53) sunset (23.03) priest leaves his church carrying rolled up plans (23.27) gvs church being renovated, workmen improve woodwork, women clean windows and fresh flowers and paintings are brought in; c/u painting St Gregory Barbarigo (24.42) congregation enter, ceremony of Communion (27.28) dusky sunset (27.34) aerial view of St. Gregory's (27.41) shot of building at St. Gregory's (27.50) pan across Wyndford Flats, and at sunset (28.00) ecs (28.21)