TWEED, the

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  • Borders
  • Peebles-shire
  • Roxburghshire
  • Selkirkshire


  • Agriculture
  • Celebrations, traditions and customs
  • Landscapes and seascapes


  • Amateur
  • Documentary


  • 1940s

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Title: TWEED, the

Reference number: 4036

Date: 1938*, 1939* and 1943*

Director: [filmed by J. Gray (?)]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 28.20 mins

Description: Follows the course of the Tweed from source to sea, showing the traditions and industries associated with Border country. Includes agricultural practices, fishing, tweed-making, historical abbeys and celebrations (including the installation of the Cornet at Peebles, quoits and procession at Innerleithen).

Shotlist: REEL I
credits (0.12) High up in the hills of the Scottish Borders stands a solitary fingerpost shot of sign reading 'Source of Tweed', gvs sheep and lambs gambolling across stream and through open Borders countryside (1.42) Here and there may be seen the remote homesteads of the shepherds shot of shepherd moving wheelbarrow into farmyard and manually operating machinery (griding meal for sheep to eat?) (2.06) woman feeds lamb from bottle in field (2.13) gvs landscapes with farmhouse and outhouses visible (2.29) At shearing time shepherds meet and work together shot of sheep in pens being herded by sheepdog, shepherds pull sheep out by the scruff of the neck and sit around barn shearing them using sharp blades (3.04) sheep are branded with hot iron (3.18) shot of sheepdog sleeping in pen, sheep in background (3.20) Smoothly and rapidly, through sunshine and shadow, the Tweed flows onwards.... gvs river flowing (3.46).... to the Crook Inn, modernised, but still a haunt of fishers gvs Crook Hotel sign and building itself, shot of two men gathering fishing equipment and walking from hotel (4.35) gvs men preparing flies and rods and fishing in waders in river (they smoke while fishing) (4.50) shot of farmer with horse and plough in field (4.57) [overexposed shot] gvs landscapes, farmhouse visible (5.23) shot of river flowing, bridge and cows in field (5.36) l/s viaduct over river (5.41) Ancient Neidpath Castle looks down on silvery Tweed gvs same [fairly quick cuts] (6.00) Peebles l/s of town situated in amongst the hills (6.12) [overexposed shot] gvs Peebles town centre and river (6.47) Border towns link the present to past at their annual festivities. At Peebles the Cornet is installed gvs of this ceremony, pipers and officials on steps (of town hall?) and on horseback witness the exchange of flag and sash, shots of choir singing (7.32) After the ceremony he is received at Neidpath Castle by the Warden gvs as pipes and drums bring in the bearer of the Cornet (flag?) and they meet on the steps of the castle, watched by an audience (7.59) Beyond Peebles Traquair stands gaunt and bare....with yetts never to be opened until a Stuart ascends the throne gvs Traquair house (8.26) fisherman in waders taking his catch from net and putting in basket (9.07) Border towns are associated throughout the world with the manufacture of tweed shots of tweedmaking manufacturing process: workers sort newly sheared wool, wash and spin on to reels, weave on loom to produce cloth (11.01) women take flat sheets of tweed and sew (11.13) employees examine order books and pattern lists, shot of women typing (business letters?) (11.23) mill workers leave at the end of the working day (11.33) Mill workers are among the finest fishers in the country men leave various houses in the town with their fishing gear (12.23) two men meet in the street and boast (with accompanying arm movements!) about how big their catch is (12.40) A fly dresser at work gvs same, man at workbench making flies for fishing (13.01) gvs fishermen on river (13.20) Celebrations at Innerleithen procession of children, a brass band and pipers down main street (possibly connected with protestant religion?) (14.05) Quoiting is a popular sport in the Borders gvs men playing this sport (14.33) l/s man fishing under bridge (14.42) Ashisteel, first Tweedside home of Sir Walter Scott (14.48) 399ft

[no credits] shot of woman walking through the countryside, across bridge, gvs Borders landscapes (0.31) Clovenfords, famous for its grapes shots of men on ladders tending and pruning vines inside greenhouse (1.16) Abbotsford nestles peacefully in the valley within Sound of Tweed gvs Abbotsford house and surrounding countryside (1.44) Melrose, at the foot of the Eildons, is the centre of Scott country view over town of Melrose, taken from elevated position (2.04) people boarding bus in market square, destination board reads 'Scott Country Tour' (2.19) c/u various bus and coach signs, some from Bradford, Leeds and Exeter (2.23) slow panning shots of ruined Melrose Abbey, c/u detail of stonework architecture and tombs (3.31) Over by Scott's View.... gvs landscapes taken from elevated position (4.09) Dryburgh, most romantic of the Border Abbeys, where rest Sir Walter Scott and Earl Haig gvs abbey ruins and gardens, woman walking amongst them (5.11) c/u wreaths of flowers at graves (5.16) c/u Earl Douglas Haig's gravestone (5.22) At Kelso the Abbey looks out over fine farming country. Kelso Ram Sales are a high occasion in the agricultural year pan Kelso Abbey (5.55) At Coldstream the Tweed meets English soil. Ever onwards, smoothly, rapidly, past quiet fields, through bridges, fished at every point gvs river flowing and being fished (7.07) Towering high over the English village of Norham stands the ancient stronghold gvs town and Norham Castle (7.49) iron bridge spanning river with car crossing (7.53) fisherman rowing boat on river (8.11) men pull boat and nets filled with fish ashore (9.07) And so the walled town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, where three bridges span the river gvs town, road and railway bridges concentrated upon (11.13) The Tweed has crossed the bar, and rod has given place to net: the salmon have reached the sea large rowing boats at work, men haul in nets brimming with salmon (12.58) c/u salmon held up to camera (13.01) more shots of fishing boats and fishermen at work on the sea, boats coming in to shore (13.09) gvs town (of Berwick-upon-Tweed?), harbour and seascapes (13.32) 367ft