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Reference number: 3858

Date: 1959c

Director: [filmed by Dr. I. Dunnachie (Dundee)]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.29 mins

Description: Scenes of Sutherland showing the landscape, castles, farming, fishing, crofting and general industries of Dornoch, Brora, Golspie, Helmsdale, Lairg etc.

Credits: sc. T.E.M. Landsborough, Iain Dunnachie
comm. Eric N. Black
sd. Eric N. Black, Iain Dunnachie, Cathel H. Lyall
singer Catherine Fraser
violin Joyce Nixon
piano James Emmerson
organ Douglas Galbraith

Shotlist: title & credits (0.29) County of Sutherland indicated on map (0.46) Shot of small town street, with two cars (0.49) Crofting community, barren lands, sheep grazing, people shearing the sheep, women twisting the wool to wrap it (2.06) Deer in forest, Dornoch forest nursery, trees being planted (2.36) Angler fishing for salmon under the viaduct of bridges, fish that has been caught (3.05) Shot of loch, mountain goats on slopes (3.33) Car driving down road, shot of golf course, shot of mountain range ( 3.53) Children playing in sea (4.00) Chicks in a nest (4.17) Map showing Sutherland, Bonar Bridge (4.27) A man & woman sitting a hill overlooking Sutherland, Kyle and Bonar bridge (4.44) Sign for 'County of Sutherland' situated on bridge (4.49) Fishermen in rowing boat, men pulling in fishing net with fish in it (5.29) Shot of map showing Golspie, Dornoch, Brora, Helmsdale (5.38) gvs. of Dornoch, beach scene, Dornoch golf course (6.32) Dornoch Cathedral, stained glass windows, shots of stonework, statue of first Duke of Sutherland (7.35) v/o "birds eye view of the town can be seen from the top of the tower" gvs. of town (7.52) Bishop's Castle (8.16) Golspie, gvs. of town, Dunrobin, castle, c/u of turrets & central keep (9.01) Brora, shot of field with haystacks and buildings in background, beach, harbour, coal works with miners pushing carts of coal and sorting through coal, shot of river in background (10.28)Two men and a boy examining fishing rods beside a car (10.42) Salmon flies being made from feathers (11.24) Clay quarry and kiln, bricks being transported to truck via wheelbarrow (12.11) Shot of houses being built and newly built houses made from Brora bricks (12.20) Shot of map again, Bonar Bridge and Lairg showing (12.26) Car driving along windy road Carbisdale castle in background, fisherman, fish leaping from water at the waterfalls at Shin,(13.27) gvs. of Lairg, Dam being built (14.01) Shot of map showing Lairg then pan. to Tongue (14.10) general landscape views, rivers and lochs (14.38) Sign-Forestry commission BORGIE, forest, Woman and child stacking the peat on bog (15.25) visuals, men turning hay , a man smoking a pipe (16.25) shot of map, Lochinver and Kylesku (16.33) Ochil?, barren land (16.50) Lochinver village and pier, harbour scenes, Canisp and Suilven, Ben More Assynt, narrow country road (18.33) Kylesku, visuals of landscape, ferry in water (20.19) shot of map of Sutherland [THE END](20.29)