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Reference number: 3814

Date: 1962

Director: filmed by Frank Marshall

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.55 mins

Description: Entertaining domestic scenes as the family puppies are let out by young children and run riot, wrecking the mother's wedding outfit while she is out tending her flowers in the greenhouse. Scenes of a young boy and his baby sister dressing up in wedding hats.

Marshall Quaich (for the best film by a member of the SAAC) at Scottish Amateur Film Festival, 1962.

Credits: A Marshall film

Shotlist: [shotlist from first scene only, not from credits]

Title. credits. (0.16) c/u wedding invitation (Mr and Mrs Nairn Marshall for the wedding of their daughter) (0.26) ints women's clothing laid out on bed (wedding outfit and hat) with woman trying on hat and veil in mirror (0.51) children hiding behind bed; shot of girl (toddler) clambering on to bed and trying on hat before woman and children leave room (1.53) shot of Dachshund puppies playing in pen (2.01) gvs domestic scenes woman and children in kitchen and boy playing with puppies (2.27) woman leaves house, dog follows and comes back with children. General scenes of puppies and children (2.44) Woman clipping carnation flowers in greenhouse (2.48) Girl clambering on to bed and trying on hat (3.07) Puppies playing in pen (3.13) Woman in greenhouse, toy dog on wheels in foreground (3.19) Little boy trying on black top hat in bedroom (3.23) c/u of dog gnawing at door of pen and setting its puppies free (3.30) children playing with hats (3.38) c/u woman arranging carnations in greenhouse (3.46) Puppies running around inside house (2.56) Boy chasing puppies and closing front door before they escape (4.20) Puppy dragging tie out of wardrobe and more general shots of puppies running around (4.36) Dachshund looks on as puppies play with newspapers (4.44) Boy clearing up clothes before picking puppies up (3.45) puppies playing in laundry basket and shots of boy putting them back in pen (5.15) woman leaving greenhouse with flowers and sitting in garden with parasol overhead (5.28) c/u of toy dog on wheels (5.31) c/u woman clipping carnations (5.39) shot of puppies playing in laundry basket, being put back in pen and then being let out again by little girl (6.00) c/u letterbox with mail being delivered (6.04) puppies running about (6.13) exts of woman walking to front door (red brick archway) then away again (6.20) c/u puppy chewing letter (6.28) shot of back door and woman unable to get in (6.50) puppies playing with clothes and children (7.26) woman trying to get into locked front door (7.31) children tidying up clothes (7.49) gvs puppies playing, chewing hats (8.55) shocked woman looking in on scene through window (8.57) gvs puppies creating havoc (9.50) man walking up driveway, looking through window at scene, greeting wife and running into house (10.47) ecs (10.55)