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Reference number: 3807

Date: 1940

Director: filmed by Frank Marshall

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.35 mins

Description: Misadventures of family preparing to go on their holiday.

Highly commended at the Scottish Amateur Film Festival, 1941.

Credits: cast James C. Hastie, C.E. Marshall, Muriel & Nairn Marshall.

This Film was highly commended at the eighth Scottish Amateur Film Festival 1941.

Shotlist: Title. ocs. (0.24) Shot of calendar June 1940, with days 1-13 crossed off and June 15 outlined (0.29) Family looking at map of Scotland (0.38) June 14 crossed off calendar (0.44) Mother packs clothes; children try to add all their toys and comics (1.33) c/u overflowing suitcases; father tries to lock a window with a faulty catch; he slips from stool pulling a curtain with him. mother discovers a domino jamming the window, then closes it easily (2.44) Father fetches a stepladder from the kitchen, knocking a hamper from table; c/u he opens it to find broken crockery (3.21) Children find an unpacked box of Meccano and sneak it back into the over-packed suitcase (3.39) Children accidentally push over the ladder propped by the kitchen door and run off (3.52) mother comes into kitchen and sees the broken crockery (4.28) Father sits on cases to close them with no success; mother catches father trying to dump clothes; she closes the snaps with no trouble, and the cases are carried out (5.43) Cases are set on the lawn; stop-motion sequence shows extraneous items piling up (6.26) car is backed up to the luggage; children carry boxes, to the car; a case falls and beaks open, mother bends over to repack it, only to be pinged by the boy's catapult; children pack the back seats with toys - even a cricket bat. (8.03) Father tries to strap in the cases, but snaps the leather; "Find me a rope - ANY ROPE"; father discovers the children's "extra" packing and throws it out onto the grass (9.08) Children looking for rope; Father reloading car; Children looking for rope, boy cuts it from clothes pulley (10.12) Mother discovers pulley (10.17) Children get into car and fight; Everyone in car ready to leave- flat tyre! Father changes tyre (13.13) Ready for the off, but Nairn notices a window is open, complications - father tries to get into the house to close window but key breaks (14.35) father tries to get in through a back window but catches his fingers; boy climbs through and lets them in Bell on servant board rings (15.44), Father receives a telegram - their hotel has burned down; c/u burning telegram THE END (16.35)