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Reference number: 3805

Date: 1938

Director: filmed by Frank Marshall

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.17 mins

Description: Entertaining film about the antics of two mischievous children and what they get up to when their mother is away, including flooding the kitchen, dancing the jig, upsetting the maid and her laundry and playing dangerously in the family car.

Specially commended by the Board of Amateur Cine World.

Credits: cast : The children: Muriel and Nairn; The mother: C.E. Marshall; The maid: Elvira Airlie

Shotlist: ecs superimposed on pictures of angelic looking children (girl and boy) (0.34) c/u little girl sitting down concentrating on singing from songbook (0.41) shot of girl reading from music book and playing piano, but having to sit a doll up on top of piano that keeps falling over. Pan to little boy sitting behind writing (0.57) c/u of boy drawing pictures of trains, cars and people with pen and ink (1.10) shot of woman's lower legs descending stairs (1.15) shot of shocked boy hiding drawings and laying out maths homework to work on (1.24) c/u opening door (1.26) mother enters wearing fur coat, hat and gloves to be greeted by children (1.51) children wave goodbye to mother at front door. Turn back in to house and boy lifts floorboard (2.11) shot of sign "To turn off water screw down" (2.15) boy closes floorboard as girl shakes head "No" (2.26) shots of girl and boy playing piano and dancing a jig and shots of maid at sink in laundry room looking up at ceiling as lamp reverberates with the dancing above (3.48) lamp smashes on kitchen floor (3.54) gvs of girl dancing, then sitting down to fan herself (4.14) shot of maid sweeping up broken lamp with brush and shovel (4.29) boy and girl go downstairs to play with toy motor car and pram (4.55) gvs of children playing in garden. Boy drives car down hill (5.23) boy runs in to sheet hung up on washing line and becomes entangled (5.30) girl frees boy but sheet now has huge hole ripped in it which boy pokes his head through (5.53) shots of children arguing (6.23) boy dumps sheet in bin and walks away whistling. Shot of children making up and walking off hand in hand (6.57) children spy on maid through laundry room window (7.01) gvs of kitchen with working maid in uniform and equipment such as wringer, clothes steriliser/boiler and mop visible (7.06) shot of boy whispering in girl's ear (7.12) boy running in to house, lifting floorboard and turning water off (7.19) c/u of running water coming out of tap and then stopping (7.27) maid takes clothes out of boiler with hook, tries to rinse in sink but there is no running water (7.42) c/u of tap being turned (7.47) shot of puzzled maid at sink (8.00) shot of lower legs of maid ascending wooden stairs (8.02) shot of maid trying to run taps in kitchen. Children enter (8.22) Maid at mirror checking appearance with children laughing behind her (8.37) maid reading at table with children looking on (8.53) c/u of metal frying pan and cooker (8.59) c/u boy turning oven on (9.05) shot of maid reading, kitchen utensils and equipment clearly visible in background (9.11) children turn on water under floorboard. c/u of taps with running water (9.35) maid in kitchen turns taps off (9.50) c/u sink overflowing with water and frying pan burning dry (10.03) shot of maid reading while frying pan on fire in background (10.13) sink overflowing again (10.18) c/u of maid reading book "Hell and High Water" by Charles Wesley Sanders (10.33) gvs of children playing inside motor car in garage, boy releases handbreak (11.50) gvs of scared children in car rolling down hill, crashing through gate and stopping just in time before a steep hill (12.34) c/u girl covering face with hands (12.46) children leaving black car and kicking rock down steep hill before walking away (13.14) shot of woman's lower legs walking, pausing and then running as the car is seen (13.20) shot of children walking alongside house, noticing water running under door (13.34) gvs sinks overflowing and children turning taps off (13.54) shot of women's legs running alongside house (13.57) shot of children running towards door and stopping as it opens (14.03) ecs (14.15)