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Reference number: 3758

Date: 1959

Director: d. David Evans

Sponsor: ICI

Production company: ICI Film Unit

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 29.57 mins

Description: A film looking at the Ardeer factory, the main manufacturing centre of Nobel Explosives Co on the west coast of Scotland, its products and their transportation. [Incomplete]

Credits: ed. Joe Leslie
p. Graham Hadow
ph. Peter Grimwood
m. Edward Williams
comm s. Huw Weldon and James Cairncross
comm w. David Evans

Shotlist: ocs (0.30) crates being loaded onto the Lady Roslin (1.25) Adrossan harbour; ints cab of crane unloading raw sulphur (1.53) sulphur being unloaded at Ardeer; gvs Nitric acid plant (3.02) c/u workman producing nitroglycerine, intercut with c/u's pressure and temperature gauges (3.32) ms worker skimming off nitrated glycerine; extreme c/u worker's eyes as nitroglycerine is purified (4.12) c/u CCTV camera, shots of manufacturing room (4.33) gvs worker in remote control room; c/u hands working levers on switchboard intercut with shots of lights and equipment (5.36) gvs automatic mixing and production of Unifrax cartridges; boxed by hand (7.26) exts man packing lorry with boxes; men loading rail carriage (7.58) tracking shots from Lady Roslin; ints. Lady Roslin's wheel house (9.56) gvs explosives being used in limestone quarry in Wales; earthmover lifting rubble into a lorry (11.11) gvs production of PETN, used in detonators; shots of powder being spin dried and bagged (12.36) gvs automatic detonator tube filling process (13.32) ints control room, man at control panel (14.49) pan over spools of wire; c/u female workers assembling electric detonators; mirror effect multiplying one assembly many times; c/u testing [a green light]; assembly in silhouette; c/u crate marked for Calcutta (Kolkata) (17.31) gvs machines making safety fuse; fuse drying, being cut and coiled (19.01) Roslin arrives at Millhaven (9.40) gvs Nobel crates in Roslin are unloaded into the Owerri, bound for South Africa (10.58) gvs blasting for an oil pipeline in Iran (21.35) gvs prospecting for oil in Nigeria? (22.13) gvs on Roslin in rainy weather (23.04) c/u silicon protected materials shedding water; c/u reducing foam in a beaker; c/u resin laminate tested under 30,000V (23.55) exts. lorry arriving at plant (24.15) ints. control room; camera follows man walking through 'tank farm', where chemical intermediates are stored (24.37) pan through factory room containing mixing tanks; c/u man pouring thin liquid; c/u thick paste; men pull out a sheet of silicon rubber (25.22) production of nitrocellulose; men feed sheets of wood pulp into machines; cellulose is fed into nitrating vat (25.49) man in acid proof clothes pushes slurry into centrifuge (26.04) purified nitrocellulose is poured off (26.38) gvs production of cellofas from cellulose (27.32) exts. ICI factory; c/u workers, John Paterson; Willie Halliday; Jock Palmer; Mima Robb making safety fuse; Netta Hall making electric detonators; Captain Hardwick on the Roslin (28.43) shots of workforce changing shift; c/u various people lighting cigarettes, pipes (29.04) loading the Lady McGowan at twilight (29.57) [incomplete]