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  • 1940s

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Reference number: 3724

Date: 1939 - 1940

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.39 mins

Description: Activities of the Boy's Brigade in Dundee. General views of the boys at play, camping, parades, and exercising.

Shotlist: Boys eating sandwiches, and having tea outside a tent. Gv's of the camp. Boys collecting buckets of water from a pump. Men feeding a Shetland pony. Two men preparing food outside. One man is cutting the food into pots, the other man, is working with the pots over the fire. Gv's of six boys posing for the camera. L/s of boys playing cricket. Gv's of the boys taking a canvas sheet out of a tent, and rolling it up. (?). Gv's of the landscape around the camp site. Houses, hills, and trees. A tractor pulling a trailer up a hill with some girls sitting on the back. Boys playing golf. (?) Gv's of the fields, woods, and grass. Man climbing over a fence. Boys play fighting in the grass. Boy's Brigade. Cairn Sq. Brigade marching, along with brigade brass band. Dundee. Coy. Installation Service. The Pipe Band. Marching through the streets, spectators lining each side of the road, some people are hanging out of windows to watch. Officers of the Fifth Dundee BB Company. 9 June 1940. Cross Films Ltd. FALL "DOWN" THE OFFICERS. 9 June 1940. Boys running out of a tent. Cross films Ltd " AS YOU WERE" Boys moving backwards into the tent. A group of ladies walking towards the camera. Boys in uniform marching. Man walking down some steps in what appears to be an official inspection of the brigade. Gv's of the Brigade marching. Boys exercising in lines. Boys marching in a field. Brigade marching behind a pipe band in a street. C/u of various groups of boys. Two women coming out of a house. Family in a garden, and walking down a country road. Child playing in a field, and with some ponies. Street scenes. A mixture of men and women are standing in groups mixed in with groups of the brigade (9.39)

[Location of camp probably Blebo Craigs near Kemback in Fife. 5th Company BB (Junior Section) was attached to Chalmers Church in Hunter Street at the time of filming]