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Reference number: 3722

Date: 2000

Director: d. Clara Glynn

Sponsor: BBC Scotland

Producer: Clara Glynn

Production company: Hopscotch Films

Sound: sound

Original format: Digital Betacam

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 29.00 mins

Description: An account of the last few years in the Lanarkshire mining village of Bothwellhaugh, from oral testimony of former inhabitants and based on the film shot by villager Joe Griffiths of village life between 1962 and 1965. This film was shot prior to the clearance and demolition of the village to create Strathclyde Country Park and loch.

Credits: Archive: Alasdair Griffiths, Scottish Film & Television Archive
Thanks to Strathclyde Country Park
camera Jerry Kelly, Oliver Cheesman
sd. Douglas Kerr, Rupert Castle
researcher Claire Buchanan
p. man. Nicki Young
colourist Aiden Farrell
dubbing mixer Dave Murricane
post production ed. Jim Allison
series ed. May Miller
series p. Richard Downes
[Contributors to the film: Alistair Griffiths, Gavin Clarke, Catherine Kinney and Roseanne Ferrie, Tom and Frank Eadie, Isobel and Patrick Ryan, Vicky Doyle, Margaret Conobay, Norman Johnston]

Shotlist: [shotlist timings from timecode on Digibeta]

(10:00:00) opening montage of scenes from Bothwellhaugh, Alastair Griffiths recalls how his father Joe came to make the film of the Bothwellhaugh village and its final days; title (10:01:35) [b&w] 'underwater' still photograph of Bothwellhaugh (10:01:43) Margaret Conoboy and Norman Johnston (daughter and father) speak briefly about the village (10:02:09) [sepia] 'underwater' still photographs (10:02:19) Strathclyde Park, where Tom Eadie points to where Bothwellhaugh was, now under loch, shot of aerial photograph of the area (10:03:16) Catherine Kinney and Roseanne Ferrie, sisters, talk about their childhood in Bothwellhaugh (10:03:28) sunset over Strathclyde Park (10:03:48) Isabelle and Patrick Ryan talk about their memories (10:04:09) [col] archive footage, washing day, fish and butchers vans, aerial shots of rows of housing, Bothwellhaugh village (10:05:46) Vicky Doyle looking through car windscreen, reminiscing about her childhood and playing on the 'bing' (slag heap from coal mine) (10:06:10) archive footage of kids playing slides on the bing, Catherine Kinney and Roseanne Ferrie describe the 'gummy' (coal dust puddle) they used to play in (10:06:54) Frank and Tom Eadie describe the old tyre they rolled in as children on the bing (10:07:17) archive footage of housing and people, commentary describes overcrowding, the outside toilet, newspaper for toilet paper, having no privacy, bathing rituals (10:08:26) Catherine Kinney and Roseanne Ferrie remember washday; archive footage same (10:08:56) Isabelle and Patrick Ryan feed ducks in loch, Strathclyde Park, commentary describes washday and looking after children and how men would not involve themselves at all (10:09:14) man talks about the arrival of his baby; archive footage children playing, picking wildflowers, playing on bikes (10:10:47) Alasdair Griffiths watches film running, describes playing on bikes and making paper boats to sail in gutter (10:11:43) Frank Eadie remembers Joe Griffiths and his camera; archive footage of a model 'Spitfire' aeroplane, gvs children playing games 'Ring A Ring A Roses'; children walking to school, the commentary recalls their strict headmistress, a nun called Sister Mary Elizabeth, who put the fear of God into them (10:13:32) Catherine Kinney and Roseanne Ferrie recall their schooldays (10:13:59) archive footage of an Orange Walk in Bothwellhaugh (10:15:06) the two sisters remember the Orange Walk as quite an event, and how they whistled tunes (until their mother said maybe they shouldn't!) (10:15:27) shots over Strathclyde Park at sunset, taken from ferris wheel (10:15:50) Catherine Kinney and Roseanne Ferrie discuss poverty and how everyone helped one another out (lending food etc); archive footage of people going about business, Bothwellhaugh (10:17:01) ints front room, Margaret Conoboy and Norman Johnston discuss how if they went back now it wouldn't be so rosy - they were poor but happy in those days (10:17:19) archive footage boys chopping down trees and creating bonfire, gvs bleak winter in the village (10:18:32) shot of Vicky Doyle looking out car windscreen 'This is the best place in the whole world, I never want to leave this place' (10:18:52) archive footage sledging (10:19:18) various people remember Christmas in Bothwellhaugh, men recall how they shot duck for Christmas Dinner because they could not afford it otherwise (10:20:45) archive footage of the last wedding in Bothwellhaugh at Bothwellhaugh Memorial Church, gvs scramble for money (10:22:10) gvs Co-op building on fire (10:23:16) archive footage derelict housing, Tom Eadie recalls how he came to leave (10:24:39) [b&w] archive footage Griffiths family moving house, commentary by Alasdair Griffiths on the sadness they felt (10:25:03) Margaret Conoboy's reaction to leaving Bothwellhaugh, she misses it still (10:25:19) Catherine Kinney and Roseanne Ferrie speak about the great facilities in their new house (10:25:45) archive film of Bothwellhaugh, now in ruins (10:26:03) Strathclyde Park as it is now, commentary focusses on how much people miss the village (10:27:02) Isabelle and Patrick Ryan talk about how they became a couple (10:27:31) Alasdair Griffiths recalls his father's death, and how Joe would say he wished he was 'home' in Bothwellhaugh even years after they had left; shot of sunset over Strathclyde Park (10:28:02) ecs (10:28:42) [still EX-S logo] (10:29:18)