Holiday in Austria and Germany

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  • 1930s

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Title: Holiday in Austria and Germany

Reference number: 3662

Date: 1935*

Director: filmed by Mr Martin Snr

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.01 mins

Description: Family holiday in Austria and Germany. It mostly depicts aspects of alpine life such as the snow covered villages high up the mountains, to the farmers lower down the valley, and then to the lake villages. However the film also shows the Hitler Youth parading through one town, and swastikas covering the streets.

Shotlist: shots of leaving a pier taken by from the boat - gvs of quay side buildings and horse and cart (.20) gvs of mountainside (.48) men on a balcony - view of the Alps in the background (.56) Gvs snow covered mountains and village(1.54) Shot of woman being dwarfed by the wall of snow built up at the side of the road (2.03) musicians playing in an alpine cafe (2.12) man on a hillside, pan up to mountains (2.25) Shots of local farmers working with a horse and cart - image blank due to fog (2.52) part of a small lake - image blank due to fog (3.10) vehicles driving along the narrow mountain roads (3.35) Two people setting off on a walk (3.59) image partially gone due to fog - woman setting a table outside, and men shovelling snow (4.30) family skiing (5.27) gvs of mountainside(5.47) [COL. Magenta]. shot of a woman on a balcony (6.32) procession of the Hitler Youth (7.20) streets draped with swastikas (7.48) people in cafe (8.06)[b/w ] lake boat (8.23) people in cafe (one lakeside the other in a town ) and shots of a brass band playing in the street (9.30) gvs streets (9.56)s gvs leaving a village taken from a lake boat (10.12) shots taken from a lake boat of gvs of scenery and buildings (13.14) cargo boat - image blank due to fog (13.41) pan up a cathedral (14.33) women in a back garden (15.01)