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Reference number: 3655

Date: 1928*

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.10 mins

Description: Wonderful wintry 1920s family film with elegant skaters on a frozen loch, curlers in tweed plus fours and bunnets, hunting, dogs, toddlers, ponies, racing cars and a Rolls Royce.

Digitisation funded by British Film Institute 'Unlocking Film Heritage', awarding funds from the National Lottery.

Shotlist: Elderly lady sitting in a chair in the garden making faces at the camera. (.18) Young woman talking to the camera and laughing. (.27) Four children swimming in a shallow river (?). (.41) Man swimming with a dog. (.47) Man dipping a toddler in the river, child crying. (.54) Boy dressed in a kilt with two dogs. (1.04) Woman holding a toddler on the back of a Shetland pony. (1.17) Older girl riding the Shetland pony bare back. (1.19) Toddler with a woman, older girls, and a dog, outside a house. Camera focused on the toddler. (1.32) Toddler and the girls at some flower beds. Toddler with a scottie dog. (1.43) L/s of two stags at the edge of some trees. (1.55) Two men outside a cottage with walking sticks. These two are joined by another two men as they stride away from the cottage. Some of the men are dressed in kilts. (2.15) Two men on a hillside, crawling along some stones with a gun. (2.24) Hunting party picnic on the hill. One older man smokes a cigarette, the others are eating. A woman has joined the party. (2.36) Two men are smoking pipes. (2.45) Children and some adults coming in and out of shot around a car. One child pushes a pram by the car. (3.03) Car driving round the drive very slowly, child standing on the running board. (3.13) Toddler outside a house. An older girl with a bicycle joins the infant. (3.22) Three girls on bicycles playing around a house. Toddler follows the older girls around a corner. (3.39) Three men walking out of a garden (?) on a very snowy day carrying fish rods. (?) (3.53) Scottie dog and a collie standing in the snow. Trees. (3.59) Deer (11?) on a snowy hill. Deer run. (4.14) Two men wading through the knee deep snow. (4.19) Scottie dog peeping out of the snow. (4.24) Blank space. (4.25) Toddler on the lawn with two older girls and a boy. (4.56) Toddler with a woman and other children playing at a bird bath. (5.15) C/u of toddler. (5.24) Motor racing. (6.24) Baby in a pram. (6.37) Two men crawlng over the hill while hunting. (6.50) Man and woman skating on ice with dog running around. (7.35) Men and women curling. (8.42) Three men clearing the snow off the ice. (8.49) Men and women curling. (9.04) Man and a woman skating underneath a bridge. (9.33) Two men sweeping the snow off the ice, while a man and a woman skate. (9.38) Blur of images, presumably the camera has fallen over on the ice. (9.42) Men and a woman skating on the ice, dogs playing with them. (9.57) Two men hauling two dead stags over a rocky stream to a horse. The men are pulling the stags by rope attached to what appears to be a walking stick. (10.25) Men loading the wooden pallet with the stags, horses pulling the pallet away. (10.38) Steam train. (10.56) Tugs pulling in a steam ship. (11.17) Children skimming ice over a frozen pool. (11.31) Blank space. (11.33) Steam train in the countryside. (12.10)