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Reference number: 3628

Date: 1956

Director: [filmed by Prof. Anne S Robertson]

Sponsor: North Kelvinside Church

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14 mins

Description: A film showing an outing organised for children from Glasgow to Auchenharvie House, Stevenston Ayrshire organised by North Kelvinside Church. The children play games at the house, have their tea and also play on the beach.

Shotlist: brief shot of North Kelvinside Church? on Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow(0.04) opening credits(0.16) shot of the church(0.22) shot of a desk top calender dated Saturday July 28(0.28) clock face reading 25 minutes past 9 O'clock(0.32) shots of children heading down a road towards a bus with their suitcases(1.27) clock moves from 25 minutes past 9 O'clock to half past 9(1.35) small boy runs for the bus followed by the children entering the bus then heading off as parents wave them goodbye(2.21) Auchenharvie(2.26) ext. shot of Auchenharvie house(2.33) children and woman come running out of the house and begin to play children's games in the grounds of the house, shots of boys playing cricket followed by shots of the girls skipping(5.41) While the Children play - (5.46) shots of two elderly women hanging up washing on a clothes line(6.12) shots of the children and adults leaving the house and crossing the rail bridge to reach the beach at Stevenston(7.15) shots of the group on the beach making sand castles(8.54) the children run towards the sea then run back again(9.40) the group heading back to the house(9.46) c/u's of someone ringing a small bell(9.49) shot of the children and adults seated and arranged in a circle set in the grounds of the house saying prayer(10.02) the children are given something to eat followed by shots of the children eating and drinking(11.36) the group return into the house ending with a shot of an elderly man leaving empty milk bottles at the front door(12.31) end credit(12.37).