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Reference number: 3595

Date: 1955

Director: [filmed by Rev. James A Ballantyne]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.09 mins

Description: The All-Scotland Crusade open-air rallies held by Billy Graham at Tyncastle Park, Edinburgh and Hampden Park, Glasgow.

Enclosed with the film was some background information on the events, see paper archive file held at National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive.

Shotlist: [Kodachrome] Title overlay over shot of press cuttings Open-Air Services All-Scotland Crusade 1955 Billy Graham Opens the Edinburgh Relay Mission (0.25) c/u Billy Graham talking to camera, standing beside his wife (0.43) shot of sign reading "Heart of Midlothian Football Club Ltd. Tynecastle Park" (0.50) kindly given free for the occasion (0.53) brief shot of people beginning to gather in stadium (1.02) - and the closing rally at Hampden Park Glasgow. Tynecastle Park 20th April 1955. The day was beautiful and 20,000 people attended this memorable service (1.19) very brief shot of people arriving outside stadium, mounted policemen looking on (1.25) advisers and counsellors assemble at Cairns Memorial Church (1.31) - brief shot people outside church (1.42) - make their way along Gorgie Road to the Park (1.46) shots of church members and ministers leaving church (2.19) - and take up position on the track (2.22) shots of church members coming into stadium and making their way along front of seats at side of pitch (3.18) Cliff Barrows the song leader. George Beverly Shea the gospel singer c/u same (3.35) the platform party Rev. David Smith, Secretary, greater Edinburgh area 'Tell-Scotland' Committee. The Lord and Lady Provost. Rev. D.P. Thomson, Convener of Counselling Sub-Committee c/u of same (4.08) Dr. & Mrs. Graham and the Chairman, Dr. George S. Gunn shots of Billy Graham and his wife walking into stadium (4.22) Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine! (4.26) shot of Cliff Barrows leading the crowd in hymn (4.34) 'This is my Story This is my Song' shot of cover of "Billy Graham Song Book"; (4.56) 'Praising my Saviour All the Day Long' (5.01) shots of Billy Graham and his wife singing and also the platform party singing (5.20) panning shot of the crowds in the stadium (5.43) George Beverley Shea the Gospel Singer (5.48) shots of him singing with shot of Billy Graham seated listening (6.17) shots of speaker and Billy Graham addressing the crowds, intercut with shot of woman being carried off in a stretcher (7.07) 'Ye must be born again' was his message to Scotland (7.12) shot of crowd (7.23) 900 respond to the invitation to accept Christ as their personal saviour (7.28) shots of these 900 filing out of the stadium (8.12) Each received personal counselling in neighbouring churches (8.16) shots of crowd of 900 leaving stadium and coming out into Gorgie Road, c/u of sign reading "All over 18 in this church" [ with arrows pointing to Gorgie Railway Mission for under 14s and Tynecastle Parish Church for 14-18 year olds] (8.28) -and so ends one of the most amazing religious services ever witnessed in Edinburgh - (8.33) shot of crowds on Gorgie Road (8.58) A day, never-to-be-forgotten, which brought decision, salvation & revival to many (9.07) on 30th April 1955, after six weeks mission in Kelvin Hall, the All-Scotland Crusade concluded with - the final rally at Hampden Park when 90,000 attended (9.21) [cement join] [b/w] brief shot nurses in the stadium (9.26) On the right, Rev. Tom Allan Chairman All-Scotland Crusade on the left, Jerry Beavan Billy Graham's Executive Secretary (9.42) shots of same (9.55) the choir, 4000 strong, occupies the enclosure (10.00) shots of choir singing, with shots of Cliff Barrows leading the songs (10.41) brief c/u of Billy Graham, followed by wide shots of enormous crowd in stadium, and Cliff Barrows leading the songs from the platform, followed by shot of gospel singer George Beverley Shea singing (12.16) shots of Billy Graham addressing the crowd (12.34) insisting on the authority of the Bible, and urging the centrality of the Cross - this humble man, supported by the prayers of thousands, appeals, & hundreds come forward. The dates, 20th & 30th. April 1955, will be remembered by many as their great day of decision "To God Be the Glory" (13.03) ecs (13.09)