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Reference number: 3512

Date: 1959, June

Director: [filmed by Nan Taggart]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.22 mins

Description: A holiday film taken on a trip to the Western Isles, June 1959. Includes footage of Mallaig, Skye, Kyle of Lochalsh, Stornoway, Barra, Tiree, and Iona.

Taggart family owned a granite yard up until 1956 when they sold up, bought a farm at Marywell on Deeside and moved from the city to the rural life. Both mother, Nannie, and daughter Nan, chronicled the early years of their new lives on the farm on film. Nan Taggart and cousin Glen Ross interviewed about the films on THE WAY IT WAS, Grampian TV, transmitted October / November 1994.

Shotlist: To the Western Isles, June 1959 shots of map of Scotland with Glasgow and West of Scotland circled on the map, shots of someone pointing out route on the map from Glasgow to Tarbert (0.19) shot of young woman standing beside waiting ferry, pan shot of the loch behind her (0.34) shot of someone pointing out route from Tarbert to Port Ellen (0.38) shot of the lifeboat on the ferry, shot of Port Ellen dock (0.53) shot of someone pointing out route from Port Ellen to Oban, shot of woman standing on deck of ferry, shot of sea and landscapes from aboard ferry 'Locheil'. Passing Gigha ferry terminal (1.15) shot of someone pointing route from Oban to Mallaig to Portree in Skye (1.23) Mallaig gvs same, brief shot of ferry leaving Mallaig (1.40) Portree shot of harbour and surrounding hillsides (1.53) shot of someone pointing out route to The Cuillins on the map, shots of Torrin, shots of mist covered hills and rowing boats in the sea, c/u of foxglove blowing in the wind (2.23) shot of someone tracing the route to Stornoway on the map (2.31) ext shot of croft, shot from the ferry of harbour, shot of seagulls chasing the ferry (3.01) Kyle of Lochalsh shot of cars being hoisted onto the ferry 'Lochinvar', shot of hills surrounding the loch/sea, shots of the sky (3.20) Stornoway shot of sky at dusk, shot of two anchored fishing boats (3.32) shot of route on map to Tarbert, shots of Tarbert, Harris harbour and men unloading baskets from a lorry (3.50) shot of route to Barra, shots of men in a smaller boat taking off mail and parcels from the ferry, shots of other land on the route to Barra (4.22) Castlebay, Barra shots of harbour with castle on a small island in the harbour, shots of fishing men and their boats, barrels are unloaded and rolled along walkway (5.06) shot of signs in Barra (5.15) shot of route to Tiree, shot of aeroplane landing on a beach, shots of people embarking plane, arial shots of islands and the sea, shot of young woman walking away from plane (5.53) shot of route to Iona, shots of people and luggage being loaded onto small boat alongside ferry, shot of 'Claymore' ferry, shots of ferry workers (6.42) Iona shots from ferry of islands, shots of ferry nearing the shore, shots of people being taken off ferry in smaller boats (7.20) shots of Iona - the beaches, the houses, roads and streets, shot of woman sitting on the beach, shot of the sea and surrounding rocks and hills (8.09) shots of women swimming and sunbathing on the beach(8.43) shot of rocks by the sea, being hit by the waves, shots of people leaving the bay by boat, and tracing the map route back to Oban The End (9.22)