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Title: COLLIESTON, 1948

Reference number: 3503

Date: 1948

Director: [filmed by Nan Taggart]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 8.33 mins

Description: Family holiday footage at Collieston, Aberdeenshire. Lots of back garden shots.

Taggart family owned a granite yard up until 1956 when they sold up, bought a farm at Marywell on Deeside and moved from the city to the rural life. Both mother, Nannie, and daughter Nan, chronicled the early years of their new lives on the farm on film. Nan Taggart and cousin Glen Ross interviewed about the films on THE WAY IT WAS, Grampian TV, transmitted October / November 1994.

Shotlist: [B&W] shots of various members of the family at home in Collieston (0.34) night time shots of burning chimney shots of the fire brigade arriving to put fire out (1.27) shots of young boys and girls playing on rocky beach, shots of girls and boy climbing a big rock beside the sea and young boy on top of this rock (2.09) shots of young boys skimming stones onto the sea (2.21)shots of young family and young child, child is trying to walk down stairs (2.54) brief shot of houses that look out to sea (2.57) [COL] shots of the Students Gala week in Aberdeen, shots of fancy dress costumes, gala floats, children in the streets, crowds looking on (4.22) [B&W] shots of two men one with a camera around his neck, shots of boys in back garden fixing bicycle (4.39) shot of woman and young boy leaving house (4.47) shot of painting of women (4.59) shots of hailstones hitting the ground (5.12) shot of young man getting onto Raleigh bicycle and riding it in the back garden, shot of man lifting the bicycle, c/u of the bicycle (5.42) brief shot of woman about to write a letter (5.48) [COL] shots of two women swimming in the sea beside harbour wall, shot of woman diving off the side of the wall into the sea, shot of people looking on (6.48) brief shot of family in back garden (6.54) shots of family walking by the concrete sea wall with views of houses being built in the background (8.00) shots of women in bathing costumes on balcony of house overlooking the sea, shot of women, man and young boy in rain clothes on the same balcony (8.33)