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  • Aberdeen


  • Food and drink


  • Amateur


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 3434

Date: 1956

Director: [filmed by Desmond Hay]

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 28.01 mins

Description: The manufacture of soft drinks by William Hay & Sons (Aberdeen) Limited in the mid 1950s. Processes of syrup mixing and carbonation are followed through the factory. An advertising sequence at the end of the film features models chosen from the staff, who enjoy Sunfresh squash in a cafe setting.

Credits: p. and ph. A. D. Fraser Hay

In producing this film thanks are expressed to the following for their co-operation : Works manager Sinclair Milne; Works Joiner George Milne; Works Electrician James Boyle; Works Engineer Frank Wright
make-up Grant, Hairdre

Shotlist: [b&w] Title. William Hay & Sons (Aberdeen) Ltd have pleasure in presenting this film on the manufacture of Areated Water. This film was taken inside their premises at 14 Berryden Road, Aberdeen (1.10) Unloading and Sorting of Empties shots of Hay's branded lorry backing into factory; pan over crates of bottles in the yard; ints. Hay's crates unloaded and sorted (2.55) Destoppering Bottles by Machine women working on clear bottle assembly line (3.55) A Hydro Bottle Washing Machine! Bottles are washed by means of high pressure jets of water internally and externally shots of the same; c/u steaming dark bottles are ejected from the machine (5.43) "Syruping Machine" Bottles are filled with a set amount of concentrated syrup (flavoured) brief shot of same, bottles are filled by revolving machine (6.03) "Carbonating Machine" In this machine bottles with syrup receive water and CO2 shots of the same, pan over tall metal cylinder; [slightly oof] shots of "The Xpelaire" Automatic Carbonator (7.08) "Mixing Machine" Bottles are shaken up in order to mix syrup, water and CO2 brief shots of the same, following capping (7.33) "Automatic Labelling Machine" c/u machine in action (8.41) [Col] shots of the same (9.39) [b&w] "Tightening Stoppers" (9.45) [Col] women working on production line (10.42) [b&w] further shots of bottles on production line, female worker placing bottles under labeller (11.40) "Filling and Labelling Syphons" shots of the same; man wearing protective mesh shield before his face places siphons into the machine; more shots of the Xpelaire; c/u female worker packaging siphon heads and gluing on Hays labels; she checks the bottles, holding them upside down (15.02) [Col] Filling Bottles with Orange Squash brief shot of the same Sealing Bottles of Squash and Labelling brief shot of the same, bottles are closed with a hand cranked press; Wrapping Orange Squash in Cellophane shots of each bottle being wrapped individually (17.12) The Syrup Room different ingredients are mixed in large vats [including colouring? from glass measuring beaker]; pan around mixing room; two pails of differently coloured liquid are emptied into the vat; (19.15) c/u Sunfresh poster; a female model holds up the product; "Sunfresh" Orange Squash, smiling brightly; pan over display of oranges and bottles of squash, surrounded by promotional material (20.40) Preparing real oranges for manufacture of "Sunfresh" Orange brief shot of two female workers removing peel from the top and bottom of each fruit (21.15) Extracting the Juice from Oranges male worker assembles the parts of the juicer, adds water and plugs it in; oranges are steamed; fruit are added to the juicer; juice is drained; man adds colour to the vat of juice (23.21) Bottling and Labelling "Sunfresh" Orange shots of the same; (25.11) Our ladies sample and enjoy "Sunfresh" models are served Sunfresh in a "cafe", which they enjoy with chocolates [posters advertising holiday locations, e.g. Southend on Sea, Blackpool, Hunstanton and Canary Islands in background] (27.01) a staged display of the various bottled products on offer with accompanying boxes of biscuits and Smiths crisps (27.59) [b&w] You are cordially invited to inspect our works at any time (28.01)