Celebration of Diwali by the Hindu community in Dundee at the millennium. (clip - remote only)

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Reference number: 3424

Date: late 1930s / early 1940s

Production company: J. Campbell Harper

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 46.25 mins

Description: Campbell Harper title profiling the Continuation Schools in Edinburgh, a form of further education/apprenticeship training ranging from apprentice shipwrights to apprentice hairdressers.

Credits: ph. and ed. Alan Harper.

Shotlist: Reel 1
title credits (0.12) Established in 1872... Continuation Schools were mainly, at first, intended as a remedy for defects in general elementary education. To-day, they cover a much wider field... serving the everchanging needs of growing industries and the increase in leisure time of the individual. The work of the Continuation Schools has become an essential feature in the life of the Nation....(0.42) Meetings of School Leavers... Pupils about to leave school, are given talks on the benefits of specialised education in connection with their own particular careers. (0.52) shots of various lecturers talking to the assembled audience of school pupils (1.46) Pupils, seeking employment, obtain valuable information and advice at The Juvenile Employment Department (1.56) shots of the same, shots of Juvenile Employment Dept. at work (2.40) Commercial Classes- of which Bookkeeping, Shorthand, and Typewriting are typical... (2.59) c/u's of young women in shorthand and typewriting class (3.47) These classes lead up to important Certificates... (3.52) c/u's of National Commitee (Scotland) Commercial certificates (4.05) Distributive Trades Classes... including Grocers, Drapers, and Butchers, are catered for, at - (4.12) Edinburgh School of Salesmanship, with a lecturer at the blackboard (4.25) Salesmanship includes Speech Training and Dramatic Art... (4.33) dramatised sale is shown to a class of students (5.12) Equally important is a knowledge of the various Commodities... (5.19) students learning about different coffee beans, lecturer stands beside lists of 'Empire' and 'Foreign' sources; mixing the coffee beans (6.05) preparing meat for sausages and then producing them; c/u of student carving meat (7.19) two women admire the display of sausages and meat, then order some steaks as the student carves with the lecturer giving guidance, lecturer talking to assembled class (8.24) lecturer giving a practical lesson on fabrics concentrating on tartan; students examine fibres under microscope (9.17) Window Display Classes. (9.20) shots of a class preparing a window display with shoes, clothes and perfumes; 'Stork' margarine, 'Chivers Jellies' and 'Andrews Liver Salt' branded displays (11.04) Domestic Courses.. in spite of many other attractions.. are attended by over 7,000 women. Dressmaking (11.13) shots of a dressmaking class (11.39) Cookery... Elementary and advanced. (11.41) shots of a class of women students making sweets; baking cakes; chef shows how to ice a cake; c/u poaching fish (13.14) Laundry Work. (13.17) gvs same (13.55) Art Crafts. (13.57) shots of a class of women painting decorations on glasses and wooden trays and of the finished work including paintings and ceramics (14.58) women students at an embroidery class (15.04). 406ft

Reel 2
First Aid, Ambulance Work, and Sick Nursing.. These have always been important, and the latest classes are part of the Air Raid Precautions activities.(0.09) ints. first aid class with ambulance service demonstrating the technique of putting on a splint on a broken leg (1.12) Physical Education... Edinburgh has provided facilities for people of all ages... (1.20) shots of women practising Scottish Country dancing (1.59) women in a gym going through an exercise programme of stretching and jumping etc., intercut with c/u hands on keyboard (4.04) young women in a swimming pool go through rescue techniques routine; ms each woman demonstrates pushing water out of lungs, then pushing blood? along arms (4.35) gvs girls demonstrate rescue in the pool (4.56) young men swimming and diving (5.43) Hairdressing and Beauty Treatment.. (5.47) elevated shot of class practising on wigged heads; ms girls operating heated curlers under supervision (6.44) Trade Classes... Power Sewing Machines for young women employed in the Dress Trades. (6.41) shots of the same, using Singer sewing machines (7.35) Hosiery and Knit Wear. (7.37) shots of the women using the hosiery and knitwear machinery with shots of the finished woollen products (8.53) Bakery and Confectionery Two Centres have been provided for the Baking and Confectionery Trade in all its branches... (9.02) young men being shown how to bake; c/u making empire biscuits (10.13) The art of piping as used in Cake Decoration (10.19) young men being supervised as they practice rows of decorations; baker demonstrates icing (11.35) Engineering and Allied Trades Cast Iron Moulding (11.40) Preparing Sand Moulds, and Casting with Molten Iron.. (11.46) shots of the same (12.49) Engineers' Machine Shop. (12.52) gvs same (14.09) Motor Car Work is now one of the most important branches of Engineering...(14.17) A lesson in cylinder re-boring and valve grinding. (14.23) shots of the same (15.05) End of Part Two (15.10). 408ft

Reel 3
Part Three (0.02) women students at an embroidery class; display of finished work (0.49) Classes in the SHIPBUILDING TRADES are for Shipwrights, Boat-builders and Ship Platers... (0.57) The Shipwrights' marking-off loft. (1.01) class looking at diagram of ship; students nail wooden strip to outline on floor; boys working on boat 'Persevere' (2.05) shots of young men metal working; constructing a scale model of a liner (2.45) Building Trades An actual house under construction provides splendid training for Masons, Bricklayers, Joiners, Plumbers, Slaters, etc.. (2.56) ls workers climbing to upper level of house; ms plasterers working on exterior wall; re-pointing; c/u nailing slates to roof; guttering (5.19) Wood Machine Shop where modern methods of morticing, tenoning, planing, vertical spindle work and moulding are taught.. (5.30) gvs same (8.14) Apprentice Plumbers making sweated joints; lead beating, and lead burning. (8.21) gvs same (9.15) Electrical Installation Work of all kinds is covered - including wiring connections and outside line work... (9.04) shots of the same (10.10) Printing Trades... Edinburgh, famous for Printing since the days of Sir Walter Scott, still maintains its importance as a Printing Centre.. (10.22) Compositors assemble the type- (10.26) ms same (10.38) The "forms" of type are printed in the machine room- (10.42) shots of the same, with boy feeding in leafs of paper one by one, as well as automated machines (11.28) The printed pages are folded, stitched, and sewn by girls- (11.34) shots of the same (12.20) They are covered and bound by the Forwarding Class- (12.24) shots of the same, this work is done by boys (12.49) - and finally titled and embellished in the Bookbinding Finishing Class. (15.56) shots of the same, including tooling and gilding; display of the finished bound books (13.48) Paper-ruling and Marbling are for the special requirements of offices... (13.55) shots of the same; c/u boy holding up marbled book edge (14.45) Girls are also employed in various forms of Stationery work... (14.51) shots of girls gluing books of blank paper finally showing a table full of the finished product (15.18) The foregoing is but an indication of the variety of practical subjects covered by Continuation Schools. Equally important are the classes for English, Mathematics, Languages, etc., which lead to the higher branches of education... (15.32) single shots of the exteriors of Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh College of Domestic Science, and Edinburgh University, end credits (16.11). 437ft