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Reference number: 3423

Date: 1943

Sponsor: Edinburgh Corporation "Holidays at Home" Committee

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.06 mins

Description: Film helps to promote Edinburgh as a holiday area for its local people during World War 2.

Note this is an edited version of Film Ref. 1494 with less footage and in different sequence order, also contains a little footage not found in ref. 1494 at the beginning.

See also refs. 1494 and 5585

Shotlist: [b&w]Edinburgh Corporation Holidays At Home 1943 Produced under the direction of the Holidays at Home Committee ext of the City Chambers(0.15) The Committee draw up the programme for the year Committee meeting in progress (1.10)The Lord Provost puts Edinburgh on the "Air" [col] Lord Provost (Sir William Young Darling) interviewed by the BBC; brief shot intv. serviceman (1.29) Dancing For All Tastes crowds attend the displays in East Princes St. Gardens general views of dancing, some comic, including Highland dancing(2.11) Open Air Dancing Princes St. Gardens, Leith Links & Portobello shots of band and people dancing with large crowds in the background - Princes St. Gardens(3.31) Leith Links Ye Olde Time Dancing plus A Sign of the Times people dancing, band playing(3.56) Portobello Even the rain did not "damp" the enthusiasts couples dancing in the rain - including female couples(4.25) The Children's Hour general views of children singing and dancing in Princes St. gardens(5.30) Zoo Days general views of animals and crowds at zoo, band plays and singers entertain crowds of children, milk is delivered brief shot of children drinking their bottles of milk(6.42) Tours & Lectures general views of around Parliament Square and crowd shots - part of a lecture tour taking in Greyfriars Kirkyard(7.16) The 50th Tour gv's of people in the Royal Botanic gardens with shots of flower beds(7.45) Rain or Shine the Tours Carry On - Swanston as the Tourists found it crowd of people on a tour in the rain(8.03) And As R.L.S. Liked It brief shot of cottages in the countryside, Evening tour for cyclists leaving from the mound and arriving at Dalmeny, they are then given a lecture(8.55) [b&w] c/u of sign stating Edinburgh Corporation Holidays At Home. Royal Scottish Academy 117th Annual Exhibition. A talk on the pictures will be given here tonight at 7p.m. [col] brief shot of the exterior of the Academy [b&w] interior shots of the Academy with the tour in progress(9.15) District Events A happy picnic in the Meadows (including the Granny's race) (of course) [col] picnic and other events(9.48) Granton The young people enjoy themselves in the school playground children dance as band plays in school playground(10.07) End of Part 1 leader Holidays at Home in Edinburgh 1943 Sports and Displays procession of servicemen on march past, gv's open air ground as various displays of agility and parades take place, pigeons released, races football, two young boys box blindfolded, presentation of cups(11.38) Football The Holyrood Trophy c/u of the cup, brief shot of the football match and presentation of the cup(12.14) sheepdog trial, gv's of open air ground as shepherds and dog demonstrate their skills, presentation of the cups(13.25) A Boxing display at Leith boxing match(13.53) The National Fire Service provide interesting displays at Inverleith, Meadowbank, & Newhaven demonstrations of various methods of rescue and types of appliances in fire fighting, brief shot of women gymnasts moving onto brief shot of fire boat demonstrating its fire canons(15.46) Portobello & Newhaven Swimming Galas and an R.A.Y. Dinghy demonstration shots of the same(16.26) [b&w] c/u of sign stating Women's Services Athletics [col] shots of the same(17.09) Many took advantage of the varied performances and recreational facilities all over the city bands and entertainers entertaining the crowds gathered in Princes St. gardens followed by a montage of different leisure events from golf to children playing in a playground(18.46) But did Grandfather enjoy his Holiday at Home? brief shot of elderly gentleman relaxing in his garden with two young granddaughters(19.04) The End(19.06).