JON SCHUELER: An Artist and his Vision

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Title: JON SCHUELER: An Artist and his Vision

Reference number: 3272

Date: 1972

Director: d. John Black

Sponsor: Films of Scotland

Production company: Mark Littlewood Films and Martvr

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30 mins

Description: American artist Jon Schueler speaks directly of what Mallaig and the Sound of Sleat means to him as a painter.

see production file

Credits: ph. Mark Littlewood
sd. Ian Leslie

Shotlist: title credit with rolling credits giving biographical details and dates superimposed on one of his paintings(1.14) Jon Schueler walking along a beach at Mallaig(2.37) in his studio beginning work on a large canvas(4.09) Jon leaves his cottage and heads for the shore with shots of the sky and Jon discussing his work(5.29) c/u of one of his paintings(5.57) shots of herring fishing boats on the water with Jon on board one of the boats(8.08) Jon in his studio discussing his work to camera(9.09) panning shot of his studio showing his work hanging on the walls along with his artists equipment(10.06) talking to camera in studio(11.00) Jon working on a large canvas, then proceeds to rearrange the paintings in the studio(14.51) c/u shots of running water followed by shots of the sky merging with one of his paintings(16.02) c/u of young woman in bed(16.28) shots of the same woman Magda? with Jon playing on a roundabout and walking the streets of Mallaig(16.53) Magda trimming Jon's beard followed by Jon blow drying Magda's hair(17.51) Jon on the sand dunes(18.21) Jon to camera in his studio followed by shots of his work displayed along with shots of Jon working in his studio(23.06) shots of fisherman hauling in their catch with further shots of Jon on board talking to the captain interspersed with shots of the sky(24.54) ms of Mallaig looking out on the sea(25.17) Jon to camera in his studio followed by shots of his work displayed(27.47) panning shot of the coastline around Mallaig at the setting of the sun(28.28) c/u shots of Jon starting work on a large canvas(29.46) ecs (30.06)