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Reference number: 3265

Date: 1950s

Director: p. & d. Hans G Casparius

Production company: Music in Miniature Films Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.45 mins

Description: The fishing and farming villages of the East coast and the scenery of the West coast are used as a backdrop for traditional Scottish airs and tunes.

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Credits: assoc. p. Anne Fraser
ph. John Peters
comm.w. Robert Lutyens
comm.s. James McKechnie
ed. Max Brenner
m. Karl Haas
singer Anne Balfour;
pipe major J S Roe BEM, of the Scots Guards, by kind permission of Colonel H.N. Clowes D.S.O. O.B.E.

Shotlist: titles (0.30) shots of Crail harbour with fishing boat in harbour, a small boat coming into harbour, a catch of fresh crabs (1.49) shot of Pittenweem harbour and of fishermen mending nets (2.06) shot of fishing boat coming into harbour (2.40) shots of winding street in Crail, of small shops including grocers, girl looking in shop window and going inside with shopping basket on her arm (3.03) a catch of fish being unloaded from boat and of fresh fish in boxes at fish market, fish being weighed, children picking up live crayfish from boxes, cat eating fish, fish auction (4.13) whiting being hung on racks for smoking (4.50) shot of of woman taking in washing from line in garden beside sea (5.01) young fisherman leaving his boat and meeting girlfriend [Webers' arrangement of "Robin is My Only Joy"] (5.16) brief shot of young children playing on path with sea in background (5.28) people going to St Monance church beside sea and shots inside church showing congregation (6.27) shots of mountain scenery, a family cycling on highland road ["Highland Laddie" arr. Beethoven] (6.44) visuals highland landscape (7.21) shot of gamekeeper carrying gun and and dead rabbits over his shoulder (7.30) shots of the dam at Loch Ericht (?) (8.02) shots of highland dancing and sword dancing at a highland games (9.11) cars crossing water on small ferry (9.40) visuals highland landscape with shots of anglers fishing by river (10.27) shot of shepherd on hillside with flock of sheep and sheepdogs (11.38) l/s of farm beside sea with shots of horses and highland cattle, ploughing using horses ["The Green Hills" on bagpipe] (12.17) farmer checking field of grain, walking his horses beside haystacks, shots of cattle with sea in background [Highland Laddie](13.04) shot of man scything beside road (13.33) shots of men shaking out grain in field (13.43) shot of woman sitting on doorstep knitting beside wee girl with kitten (14.00) children on farm feeding chickens, feeding lamb (14.44) visuals west coast seashore (15.38) brief shot of Tobermory harbour (15.40) shots of coast of Mull and shot of island of Staffa [pipe band: "Over the sea to Skye"](16.57) shots of Iona Abbey (17.00) visuals of Mull and of boat approaching Tobermory harbour (17.13) shots of Tobermory ["The Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond"] (17.45)