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  • Agriculture
  • Animals
  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Royalty
  • Sporting activities


  • Amateur


  • 1920s

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Reference number: 3235

Date: 1928

Director: [filmed by David Charles Bowser]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10 mins

Description: The Royal Show - Nottingham in 1928 with shots of King George V and Queen Mary. The Doune Agricultural Show and the Highland Agricultural Show possibly held in Aberdeen.

See also refs. 3112 - 3122, 3160, 3226 - 3244, 3319 - 3338.

Shotlist: Show of 1928 The Royal, Doune, and Highland. (0.07) Street scene: Above "Old Gunner Inn" sign reads "Nottingham Welcomes their King and Queen" (0.13) Shot of building with sign "Royal Agricultural Society of England" race track, stalls with agricultural machinery, including Blackstones, National Harvester Company (0.43) Horse-drawn coach drawn by a pair of dappled greys, followed by a mounted man in a top hat and tails (horse's tail possibly docked, or held up) (0.55) State cars with royal party (1.05) George V and Queen Mary drive up to "Royal Pavillion" in carriage (1.45) Horned cattle in a pen, Hereford?. Royal party drive past in coach (2.08) Very large Hereford cattle shown by handlers, and c/u other animals each with a number around its neck, includes Belted Galloways, Blue Albions (2.47) Shots of handlers showing horses (2.58) Shot men with a horse and cart (3.03) Family with young children look at a pen of cattle (3.13) horses and young being led away (3.27) pipe band (3.38) Maida Gets A 1st Ticket And A Pie! Men with Border collie sheepdogs, c/u Maida (4.20) gvs Showing cattle (4.23) gvs Showing horses (4.55) Sheep trials (5.15) Shot of sign "Highland & Agricultural Society in Scotland", and stalls of agricultural machinery (5.36) Showing horses, some with foals, includes shots of Shetland ponies (6.50) Main avenue of event, filled with crowds of people (7.03) Showing cattle, breed by breed, includes Highland cattle and Belted Galloways (8.30) Showing horses of different ages and breeds, including ponies and a Clydesdale (9.03) Horse jumping competition (9.42)