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Title: FAMILY AT NAIRN 1927, the

Reference number: 3226

Date: 1927

Director: [filmed by David Charles Bowser]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.40 mins

Description: The Bowser family on holiday at Nairn in 1927.

See also refs. 3112 - 3122, 3160, 3226 - 3244, 3319 - 3338.

Shotlist: shots of sea-shore with white horses at Nairn(0.20) car approaches house chauffeur opens car door(0.37) Hubert on the sand dunes with Maysie holding the infant David with the chauffeur in the background(0.53) horse and carriage approaches house, brief shot of nanny holding David (0.58) nanny pushing Hubert in a pram with c/u of Hubert smiling into the camera moving onto c/u of decorative stone lion(1.30) panning shot of Nairn seafront moving onto shot of the sea and seagull flying above(1.55) shot of Hubert running and playing along the links at the seafront followed by adults(2.09) shot of David being carried from house by nanny with mother followed by c/u of him crawling and walking on the front lawn of the house - playing with his spade and ball with shots of his mother and father holding him to the camera, shot of nanny bringing him back to the house with his mother walking beside(3.36) brief shot of the ext. of the house, Hubert running and playing along the street with his mother? - returns to the house and wipes his feet before entering the house(4.10) Hubert with his bucket and spade on the seashore with David crawling along the sand, shots of Hubert paddling on his own and with his mother with nanny in the background(6.33) woman arrives at house in chauffeur driven car(6.46) Hubert gets a piggy back from his father(6.54) shot of River Findhorn with bridge in background(7.11) shot of family walking along a field with shots of the boys running across a bridge with c/u of Hubert and friend staring at the camera, family enter the car(8.03) shot of David walking with assistance from his mother and Hubert on the front lawn with occasional shots of his father helping, also shots of Hubert running up and down the lawn - they go back into the house after David has been assisted up the steps to the front door(9.25) the family visit the dogs in the kennel - hunting dogs(10.24) brief shot of the family getting out of the Rolls Royce moving onto scenes of the seashore with seagulls hovering(11.15).