PLACE IN THE COUNTRY: Renfrewshire Regional Park, a

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Title: PLACE IN THE COUNTRY: Renfrewshire Regional Park, a

Reference number: 3165

Date: 1972

Director: d. David Lewis

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the County Council of Renfrew

Production company: Tree Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 24.14 mins

Description: A description of Renfrewshire Regional Park (Clyde-Muirsheil), Scotland's first country park.

Paper archive held at 4/11/543.

Credits: w. Charles Gormley
ed. Bill Forsyth
ph. David Lewis

Shotlist: Conservation can be defined as the wise use of our natural environment. It is in the final analysis the highest form of national thrift. - John F. Kennedy. (0.14) title over sunrise (0.24) silhouette of swan in lake at sunrise, misty landscape, gvs countryside (1.58) Park Ranger driving in Land Rover on track. Van stops, young people disembark and take shovels from trailer (2.28) c/u side of van, Renfrew County Council Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park (2.40) clearing and burning of logs that have been cut with chainsaw (3.12) tranquil countryside (3.25) c/u location and size of park on map (3.40) teacher and pupils walking in countryside lane before sitting on ground discussing catchment area of park. 70's style apparant - boys long hair (5.22) man and boy walking on lane (5.57) family picnic, parents and three children cooking sausages on stove (6.55) small children playing, c/u rhodedendron bushes (7.25) man talking off camera, c/u 'Country Trail' book in his hand (7.45) children playing with frog (8.06) discussion group on trail identifying trees (9.09) boy and man on lane walking towards mine (9.51) view river Calder, teacher and pupils on bank (10.36) small children running up steps in grass (10.50) boy and man walking up hill (11.10)small yacht being pushed out onto water (11.30) couple fishing in small boat, gvs other people on craft on lake (Lochwinnoch?) (12.11) people on jetty watching as 1971 Home Counties rowing regatta preparation gets underway. GVs crew preparing (14.06) race begins, view from shore of rowing boats followed by officials craft (15.23) man and boy sitting on hillside, they get up and continue march (16.08) teacher and pupils in wood (16.35) brief view woodland animals - squirrel, fox, hedgehog etc (16.49) teacher and pupils on nature trail in more open countryside. Sheep being controlled by shepherd on horse (18.17) man and boy cross small stream intercut with brief shot man fishing. They continue walk until they see the panorama of Clyde - Dunoon, Rothesay etc (20.27) [Schoolboy narration v/over] tracking shot from int. vehicle, school children's outing to zoo. Children at small zoo, small goat, and man showing them around (22.00) c/u various bird of prey including buzzard and owl, childrens pictures of wildlife. Gvs park (23.37) c/u plaque to commemorate opening of the first phase of Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park on 20th June 1970 (23.51) ecs (24.14)