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  • Banff


  • Emotions, attitudes and behaviour
  • Leisure and recreation


  • Amateur


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 3135

Date: 1953 / 1961 - 1964

Director: [filmed by Jack Johnston, Ian Johnston]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 18.38 mins

Description: A record of Peter fairs between years 1961 and 1964, and 1953 Coronation celebrations in the county of Banff.

The father (Jack) and son (Ian) team of filmmakers were the proprietors of the Banffshire Advertiser. Jack Johnston also owned the local photography shop.

Shotlist: [COL] 1961 gvs of people at an overcast Peter Fair, eating, going on rides and walking around "The Jolly Joy Stall"; "Gipsy Palmist Travelling Scotland", "Air-O-Matic", children with toffee apples and balloons, two St John's Ambulance men (2.50) 1962 gvs fair on a sunny day, people walk past stalls, "Super Deluxe Kiddies Toy Ride", "Dracula's Daughter... Not Pictures but Alive in the Flesh", "The Monkey House... Have Fun with the Monkeys" (4.20) 1963 gvs sunny fair; children eating candy floss, children and adults sitting on rides (6.15) 1964 gvs fair; a family eating ice cream; families walking around fair in the sun, a pair of middle-aged female twins, identically dressed; view over back of fair; family members walking away along a road; bumper car ride (8.46) -blank- (8.56) [BW] now timed at 18fps Taken on Coronation Day 2nd June 1953. Cullen gvs of bunting-lined empty streets at the start of the day, decorated with flags (9.31) Drybridge field, marquees etc ready, a boy plays on stilts (9.47) Buckie small children in school dressed in costumes in preparation for parade; people handing out commemorative flags. gvs of parade through streets showing floats and groups of marching girl guides, naval cadets. Spectators looking on. ints. fancy-dress judging; 1st and 2nd Prize-winners (13.27) [COL] floats and spectators, a boy with a Shetland pony walks to camera (13.49) [BW] gvs of parade through streets showing floats and groups of marching girl guides, naval cadets, boys brigade, scouts; pipe band, Army cadets (16.06) Buckpool shots of people congregating outside St. Andrews hotel gvs of parade of imitation coronation procession with young woman dressed as the "Queen"; gvs crowd (16.49) Portgordon gvs of parade with adults and children in costumes, including "John Brown" and "Queen Victoria", "Ghandi" and "Abraham Lincoln". Shots of imitation balcony with "Queen" and "Duke of Edinburgh" (18.33) The End. A Peak Film 'Gem' Release (18.38)