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Title: HAMS

Reference number: 3098

Date: 1961

Production company: Clansman Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.00 mins

Description: A short film about the Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society which introduces important members and explains the ins and outs of their hobby.

The Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society is still going strong in 2014 with approx. 50 members. See http://www.aars.org.uk/ for further information [last accessed 31/7/2014]

Shotlist: View of a transmitter whilst morse code and other transmissions can be heard (0.22) C/u morse code being tapped out (0.24) A meeting of radio hams in the Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society listening to a lecture (1.48) The men gather for their teabreak at a small canteen run by the group President (2.30) The workshop and 'shack' are shown to a new member (3.04) Inside the 'shack we are shown the transmitter and the small library (3.21) A sale of equipment by auction (4.04) The new member watches as adjustments are made to the club transmitter (4.42) Making contact with another station, the v/o explains all the details (5.09) The new member cannot read morse code so he is given a quick lesson (6.08) A call comes into the club transmitter from George, the club Secretary, whilst v/o explains the legal aspects of hamming (6.49) George on his transmitter his excellence in this area is told by the v/o (7.35) Preparing for National Field Day in June-packing all their gear onto a truck to take it out into the countryside (8.04) At their site in the field setting up the station and testing the aerial (9.00) They start transmitting to try and make maximum number of contacts all through the night (10.01) The competition is over, they pack up and return home (10.27) Back in the clubhouse the new member receives his basic training which will enable him to pass the necessary exams and sets up his own transmitter (11.51) The End (12.00)