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  • Highlands, the
  • Ross-shire


  • Birds
  • Construction and engineering
  • Food and drink
  • Transport


  • Documentary
  • Sponsored


  • Films of Scotland Committee
  • Tree Films


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 3054

Date: 1979

Director: [d. Charles Gormley]

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and Fairclough Construction Services Ltd.

Production company: Tree Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.19 mins

Description: How a bridge was built over the Cromarty Firth and how an environment was preserved for migratory seabirds.

Credits: [nar. Roddy McMillan - died before film completed]
sc & p. Charles Gormley
ph Eddie McConnell, Gordon Hickie, Mike Herd, Jon Schorstein

Shotlist: Various shots of migrant sea birds flying over the Cromarty firth against a backdrop of landscape, ships and an oil rig (0.47) credits [title] (0.51) map of central east Scotland (1.00) int. and ext. of lorries, carrying prefabricated parts of the Cromarty Bridge, travelling up the A9 (1.26) aerial shot of the construction of the Cromarty Bridge (2.00) talking head and v/o of a bridge worker featuring some c/u shots of the incipient bridge (2.51) various shots of the shipping of equipment and materials to the construction site, by barges and other boats (3.15) talking head and v/o of a bridge worker featuring another c/u shot of the bridge under construction (3.36) shots of the process of driving reinforced concrete piles into the bed of the firth followed by ext. and int. shots of these piles (4.29) shots showing the process of aligning the bridge parts (5.21) talking head (3.38) various shots of the bird life on the firth (6.02) talking head and v/o with c/u and aerial shots of the incipient bridge (7.08) further shots of the process of driving concrete piles into the river bed (7.59) further shots of the firth's bird life (8.12) talking head (8.37) v/o with various shots of the men at work on the bridge (9.46) snowy winter shots around the bridge and the firth (10.11) yet more shots of the firth's bird life followed by further shots of the men working on the bridge (10.43) v/o showing the men at work with the bridge beginning to take form (11.42) shots of the "Bailey [?] launching gantry", showing how it facilitates assembly (12.12) shots of the linking of the main beams to the bridge (13.10) various shots showing bridge assembly (13.41) shots of the workmen on their tea break, followed by talking head (14.33) shots of the foreman with his plan (15.00) talking head and v/o with int. and ext. shots of foreman's van driving onto and along the bridge (15.40) street scene (15.57) c/u of compositors at work (16.24) continued shots of workmen assembling bridge (16.45) brief c/u of a newspaper article telling of the bridge's near completion (17.00) various shots of the bridge' s opening followed by l/s of the finished bridge with traffic crossing it (18.19) ecs (19.19)