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Reference number: 3008

Date: 1978

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 60.00 minsc

Description: A cyclical year in the lives of the Inuit community at Grise Fjord, Ellesmere Island, 900 miles north of the Arctic circle.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from Copy 2]

Gvs arctic landscape (0.15) Inuit man, Larry (0.22) map of Canada and Alaska showing Montreal and Grise Fiord (0.42) aerial view arctic landscape (1.01) arctic landscape (1.10) map (1.20) plane (1.26) title (1.39) Jenny with camera, Larry (2.04) Inuit with boat preparing for seal hunt (2.26) tracking shot from boat (2.33) polar bear in water, Inuit shooting seals (3.22) seals being skinned and cached in snow (4.35) Inuit women sharpening knife to scrape fat off seal skin (5.39) pan Inuit homes in Grise Fiord, elderly Inuit man (6.50) ruins of stone houses (6.57) igloo construction (7.12) Inuit baby (7.28) ext. Anglican church (7.43) int. church (8.14) ext. co-op store/post office, 'Canada post' sign. Children, snowy owl, gulls (9.09) puppies (9.36) Jenny on 3 wheeled Honda (9.51) short airstrip construction (10.22) Inuit community council meeting (10.52) plane flying and landing, bringing the Commisioner of the North West territories. Gvs people and a policeman (11.59) plane departs (12.19) Chimo Lines freight ship on annual visit, cargo being despatched, unloaded and stored (13.50) small tanker truck collecting water from stream and delivering to houses (14.40) ice blocks washed up on shore (15.20) gvs settlement, snow falling (15.35) district nurse on skidoo, ext. nursing station (16.04) tanker taking rocky road to collect water (16.33) children ice-skating on frozen pond, ext. and int. school (17.46) boys receive lesson in stone carving, various examples (20.10) Inuit embroidery (20.53) blizzard on shore, small icebergs (21.52) men chopping ice blocks for water (22.26) garbage collection, filling of oil drums (22.45) dogs chained up, eating seal meat (23.45) falcon (24.07) frozen sea at sunset (24.23) tracking shot from boat in slush ice (25.02) sunset, moon, 24 hour darkness (25.27) plane landing in dark at noon (25.41) int. school, scouts 'seal race' (26.24) church sewing meeting (27.32) woman singing (27.47) rock band, Inuit dancing on New Years eve (28.35) gambling, playing bingo, Jenny the caller (29.01) sunrise, people watch (29.37) ski plane lands on sea ice, people gather, it takes off (30.33) Larry harnessing dogs, sled takes off (30.46) tracking shot from sled (32.10) across frozen sea to Devon island on musk ox hunt. Shooting off camera (32.40) two dead musk ox (33.01) musk ox hide hanging up, doctor choosing one for home (33.37) outdoor games on sea ice on Easter Monday, Inuit of all ages (35.12) polar bear skin being rinsed in slush water before being rubbed in snow, beaten and dragged behind skidoo (36.10) skin hanging before being stretched into shape (36.49) wolfskin (36.58) spring blizzard in mountains, snow in settlement, bulldozer clearing runway and settlement roads (37.45) snow being brushed off skins (38.04) children sledging and playing outside in snow (39.19) icicles as snow melts. Inuit prepare to go camping and fish for arctic char (40.40) camp, tents and small fishing hole for Inuit (42.11) seagull (42.15) children's birthday party outside (42.48) families setting off for camping, baggage on sled (43.42) crack in sea ice, seal breathing hole (44.15) pitched tents on land clear of snow, gvs Inuit life (44.55) musk ox grazing ground (45.12) wild flowers (45.45) ice breaking up at stream mouth, Inuit leave camp by skidoo and sled (47.51) gulls scavenging (48.00) collecting ice blocks for water, flooding stream from glacier melt (48.40) hunters looking for sea lanes in broken sea ice (49.20) ice melting (49.51) women cockle gathering (50.17) fuel tanker annual visit, pipeline to shore (50.41) Larry with weather balloon at government weather station, operating radio (51.18) hunters on boat, Larry shooting at a small beluga whale before harpooning it to oil drum (52.13) whale washed ashore, skinned and eaten (52.56) baby learning to walk on shore, gvs settlement, large metal water reservoir (53.39) ecs