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Reference number: 3007

Date: 1914c

Production company: ( Pathe (?))

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: tinted

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 6.30 mins

Description: Slains Castle and the golf Championship Tournament at Cruden Bay.

Possibly promotional film for railway Co. Great North of Scotland who owned the Cruden Bay Hotel. Hotel held two golf championships per annum. Top golfers appeared, including each year's Open champion (in the Cruden Bay professional tournament). Leader inscribed '1914'. See "The Way It Was" prog. 58, tx Sept 94, p.c. Grampian Television. Additional info. 11/1/165.

Shotlist: Bullers o' Buchan (0.3) [tinted] party in rowing boat beneath cliffs along the Buchan coast (0.45) diver at side of small cargo boat "Erlins..., Stav (anger?)" (1.08) The Temptin' and Dunbuy Rocks [tinted blue]. gvs rocks from water level and from top of cliffs [Buchan coast] (2.01) Slains Castle and Cruden Bay Hotel [ochre tint] Castle ext. (2.35) guests on verandah of Cruden Bay Hotel (2.50) The golf Championship Tournament. Pathe Freres. Printed on Safety-Film (2.56) [tinted ochre] golfers emerge from Cruden Bay Hotel (3.25) competitors tee off in front of crowd. gvs scenes on the Cruden Bay course [shot of three men c/u - two with bunnets, two with pipes - one in centre with hat poss. Ted Ray, Open Golf Champion 1912] (5.20) ext. Hotel (5.26)