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Reference number: 2984

Date: 1968

Director: d. Henry Cooper

Sponsor: Films of Scotland & ECCSD (Edinburgh Committee for the Co-ordination of Services for the Disabled)

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.32 mins

Description: The work of the Edinburgh Committee for the Co-ordination of Services for the Disabled. Includes shots of Scouts with disabilities at camp.

Credits: [p. Alan Harper
ed. Henry Cooper
ph. Mark Littlewood
sc. w. David Bruce
comm. w. Robert Kemp
comm. Bryden Murdoch]

The producers gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Board of Management of the Astley Ainslie Hospital, the Lady Hoare Thalidomide Appeal, Scottish Television Ltd., the Sembal Trust

Shotlist: Shots of Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street and St. Giles' Cathedral (.20) [title] and shot of men going into Ministry of Labour Industrial Rehabilitation Unit, Edinburgh (.34) shots of buses from different institutions - Edinburgh Cripple Aid Society, Trefoil School (.41) ext. entrance to Society for Welfare and Teaching of the Blind (Edinburgh and South East of Scotland) (.42) ext. shot of sign for HQ of the Edinburgh Committee for the Co-ordination of Services for the Disabled, Simon Square Centre and of men and women entering building (1.04) int. shots of Committee organisers for Edinburgh's services for people with disabilities (1.42) shot of thalidomide child being brought to Princess Margaret Rose Hospital by member of the Women's Royal Voluntary Services and of other thalidomide children being helped with their artificial limbs (2.42) shots of children recovering from polio at Warrender Park swimming pool (3.12) children with disabilities at Murrayfield Day Centre (4.11) shots of Scouts with disabilities at camp (4.54) shots of participants in sports at Moray House sports ground (5.42) shots of a Committee meeting (6.03) shot of deaf boy at an interview for a job with the help of interpreter (6.24) shot of same boy being trained in job; the manufacture of optical lenses (6.42) shot of van from St. Jude's Laundry driving into St. Jude's driveway (workshop for people with disabilities) (8.02) shots of a Committee meeting (8.43) woman in wheelchair at Astley Ainsley Hospital Training Centre being shown how to use kitchen (9.27) shot of girls with cognitive disability cooking (9.40) woman in wheelchair using ramp from her front door to her car and driving off to the shopping centre (10.15) people with disabilities working at rehabilitation centre (11.20) shot of Simon Square Centre bus leaving the Centre (11.29) ext. psychiatric hospital, Edinburgh Royal (11.42) int. shots of people working in its rehabilitation centre (12.54) men at work in Ministry of Labour Industrial Rehabilitation Unit and at Remploy - a government sponsored sheltered workshop (13.38) shots of a Committee meeting (13.50) man with a disability arriving by taxi at Dr. Barnardo's Homes HQ for Scotland for work and shots of him at work in enquiry office (14.32) ext. shots of Thistle Foundation with shot of its Robin Chapel (14.49) shots of men and women with disabilities (ex-Service) being helped by nursing staff (15.34) shots of a Committee meeting (15.53) people with disabilities dancing at the Phoenix Centre (16.30) shot of driver with disability learning to drive (17.03) motor rally for people with disabilities organised by the MG Car club, ending in Princes Street and Waverley Market (17.42) shots of blind man and guide dog crossing High Street to St. Giles' (18.20) people with disabilities arriving at St. Giles' for annual service (19.13) ecs (19.32)