Auxiliary Fire Service crews use the ruins of Douglas Castle for war-time fire-fighting practice. (clip)

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  • 1940s

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Title: VARIOUS PARADES 1940 - 1945

Reference number: 2844

Date: 1943 - 1945

Director: [filmed by Prentice]

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.20 mins

Description: Footage of various parades and festivals including an ATC church parade, a Wings for Victory parade, an ARP practice in the ruin of Douglas Castle, followed by a demonstration of women fire-fighting with stirrup pumps; Lanimer Day of 1942 [curtailed due to the war] and Sir Harry Lauder opening an NFS fete in Lanark. [See also refs. 2835, 2836, 2838, 2840, 2841, 2842, 2845].

Shotlist: [shotlist from donor's notes and timecoded VHS copy]
Title. (0.05) Church parade (0.07) ms boy and girl in Boy's Brigade (BB) and brownie uniform leave house and salute camera (0.30) parade of youth organisations, including Brownies, Guides, Girl's Guildry, Boy's Brigade and Sea Cadets; (1.47) four boys in BB and Sea Cadet uniform walk towards camera and salute; group of Brownies and Girl Guides walk past and salute each other (2.13) Dedication of Colours. Boy's Brigade New Lanark. 27th April 1941 (2.17) ms three BB members in a doorway (2.38) exts. Boy's Brigade lined up; BB's marching (3.16) pipe band; Boy's Brigade march past carrying two large flags; Girl's Guildry (4.21) ms and c/u boy in BB uniform in garden (4.38) 449 Squadron ATC Church Parade. (4.45) parade; pipe band followed by Air Training Corps [some unsteady shots] (5.58) ARP Try Out at Douglas Castle. (6.03) brief shot demolition of castle; van marked "Decontamination" arrives; two men in gas masks and protective clothing get out (6.33) Supplementary Fire Party (SFP) arrive in fire engine; further vehicles including Lanark Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) arrive (7.15) SFP douse fire started in castle ruins (7.42) brief ints. man dousing fire inside ruin (7.47) shot of group, men and woman wearing tin hats marked "FAP" (7.53) men stretcher 'casualty' away from fire, lift stretcher onto a shelf inside ambulance, allowing four casualties (8.13) shot of volunteers extending a ladder to a high window (8.33) pan over volunteers dressed in protective clothing and gas masks; gvs men working to extinguish fires in castle ruins (9.09) shots of men in gas masks shovelling sand?; c/u stencil sign "Danger Gas." (9.21) shots of men at pumps and fire fighting in burning ruin (9.36) Lanark AFS and Forth SFP (9.42) c/u's individuals in AFS uniform, standing in a line before a wall (9.53) gvs drill; AFS run out of building and jump onto fire engine, driving out of inner court (10.11) zoom to c/u man in fireman's uniform; shots women in dungarees giving demonstration of fire-fighting, using stirrup pumps and buckets of water (10.51) Sir Harry Lauder opens NFS fete, "Braxfield" Lanimer Day 1942. (12.06) gvs Lanimer day in Lanark (curtailed due to war). AFS pipe band, followed by riders (11.35) ls speech given by Sir Harry Lauder; Lauder conducts the crowd with his stick; c/u Lauder (12.17) shots of children drinking lemonade on lawn (12.48) girls in ankle competition (?); "bonny baby" contest (13.12) children's race; donkey ride (13.27) November - 1942 ARP Services. (13.33) ls Town Council of Lanark in ceremonial dress standing in a group; march past of various volunteer groups and people in civilian dress; police; Town Council (14.35) Wings for Victory Parade 1st May 1943 (14.43) pipe band; male and female services march past; police; Girl Guides (16.07) c/u platform, members of Town Council (16.13) further gvs march past (17.20)