SEAS AROUND US: Great British Food, the

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  • Aberdeenshire
  • Argyllshire


  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Environment, the
  • Fish and fishing
  • Food and drink
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Science and technology
  • Ships and shipping


  • Sponsored


  • 1970s

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Title: SEAS AROUND US: Great British Food, the

Reference number: 2778

Date: 1979

Director: d. David Gowing

Sponsor: British Gas and White Fish Authority

Production company: Viscom Production

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 27.36 mins

Description: A look at overlap in technology and interests of British Gas and the White Fish industry, in providing a sea resource to the public.

Credits: w. David Gowing
camera Bryan Loftus
ed. Austin Martin
sd. Bruce White
production Stephen Smallwood
anim. John Williams
p. by John Spencer

The Producers would like to thank:

Ronnie Boughen of the Cordella
Nick Bowen
George Downey
John Faulkner of the Sea Shell Fish Bar
John Green
Marrs Trawlers
Robert Reid of the 'Fruitful Harvest'
Anthony Richards
Sandy Ritchie of the 'Sette Marie'
Robert Rollisson of the 'Peggy K'
Wates Built Homes Ltd

Shotlist: Credits (0.08) Night shot of fishing boat coming into harbour and brief shot of oil- rig (0.58) men walking out of Hydrocarbons Great Britain Ltd. portacabin and onto a boat; gvs boat leaving harbour; ints. cab, with fish detecting equipment (1.56) fishing boat Fruitful Harvest [PD 247] setting out to sea from Peterhead [credits overlaid] (2.48) British Gas boat Stirling Rock; fishing boat and men at work in heavy seas hauling in catch intercut with ints. man in wheelhouse examining charts; c/u bow of fishing boat (5.25) int. woman grills fish on gas cooker in a kitchen; she serves fish and chips to children (5.51) gvs of auction house Peterhead fish market; iced fish being dragged onto a lorry (6.46) men and women gutting fish (7.07) women buying fish in two fish shops; pan over variety of fish and prices on display (7.54) exts. freezer trawler Cordella [H177] ints. wheelhouse in freezer trawler; c/u sonar and radar scanners; c/u echo sounder readout; brief shot "factory" (9.43) net being released; ints. engine room; trawlermen working with the nets on deck (10.56) animated diagram of the boat, shape and position of the net (11.17) demonstration using a model net in research tank (11.40) the net is hauled in; ints. skipper looking at a chart, and logging co-ordinates using an electronic device (12.29) Kingfisher charts being prepared by Fish Authority's industrial development unit (13.05) Stirling Rock receiving pipeline and equipment from offshore "on stream" production platform, intercut with managers consulting Kingfisher charts, c/u man using parallel rule on chart (14.47) brief shot of fish being unloaded at Peterhead and gvs British Gas van driving into St Fergus Terminal (15.17) Gvs of gas turbines at St Fergus Terminal; stacks emitting CO2; ints. control room (15.49) ext. and int. two men enter Bridlington British Gas underground storage chambers; animated diagram of the creation of storage chambers in salt rock (16.51) Shots of fishermen on boat fishing for shellfish (17.26) small lobster fishing boat leaving shore (17.47) C/u of draughtsmen on drawing of new fishing boat (18.06) gvs of fishing boats in harbour (18.21) brief stills of fishing boats ca. 1910 (18.38) ms modern fibreglass-hulled mackerel fishing boats; fishing methods; lining, seining and trawling (19.12) Fish factory trawler winching in its nets, mobbed by gannets; ints. control room intercut with work on deck as the cod end is untied (20.07) haul is released into conveyer leading to the factory; shots frozen fish on conveyer being bagged and boxed; boxes are stored in a -30C freezer (21.53) night shot of fishing boat hauling in catch of mackerel (22.54) gvs of gas offshore platform; helicopter landing on rig (23.39) Hurleston experimental fish farm in Firth of Clyde; weighing sole and turbot; eggs are collected from a female fish (24.52) fish farm at Ardtoe, near Fort William; microscopic turbot; larger fish in cages suspended in a sea loch; (26.07) deep frying fish in the Sea Shell, a London fish and chip shop; v/o mentions that neither fish farming nor solar power will replace traditional fishing or gas power in the foreseeable future (26.27) brief shots in wheel house and on deck of trawler; c/u radar; shot of trawler passing the Offshore Mercury rig (27.15) ecs (27.40)