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Reference number: 2728

Date: 1970c

Production company: Templar Film Studios

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 31.38 mins

Description: The film follows the various stages in the construction of the Kingston Road Bridge, Glasgow, ending with the opening ceremony by HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

Working title: KINGSTON BRIDGE. Kingston Bridge Project. Design and construction supervision by W.A. Fairhurst and Partners for the Corporation of the City of Glasgow. "Highway Plan for Glasgow" published 1965.

Credits: The producers would like to acknowledge the assistance of:
Logan Marples Ridgway Ltd (Main Contractors); CCL Systems Ltd.; Clyde Steel Reinforcement Co.; Conoco Ltd.; GKN Somerset Wire Ltd.; McCall & Co.; Scaffoloding (Great Britain) Ltd.; Springbank Sand & Gravel Co. Ltd; West's Piling and Construction Co. Ltd

Shotlist: Kingston Bridge Project Design and Construction Supervision by W.A. Fairhurst and Partners for the Corporation of the City of Glasgow (0.08) Titles (0.25) shots of orig. plan and design of Kingston Bridge, Glasgow (1.10) 15th May 1967; ms Lord Provost John Johnstone pulls lever which initiates construction of foundation column (1.36) gvs shell pile construction by West's Pile construction Co. on North site (2.17) gvs South site construction, using steel section piles; shots of vibrating hammer and new sections being welded to the pile (2.56) gvs earthmovers; shot of exposed pipes [5% of total contract expended on re-routing] (3.35) int. shots of men working in storm water drain tunnel (3.53) gvs construction of column shutters (4.32) gvs column reinforcement cage, men working with wires (4.56) gvs lorries moving column shutters and reinforcement cage into place (5.42) ls concrete batching plant on site (5.49) gvs raw materials for aggregate, being moved by conveyer and earth mover at Springbank Sand and Gravel Company in Doune (6.18) shots concrete being fed into the column by hopper; ls heavy polythene shrouds used to cure concrete (7.35) pan over some of the 223 columns made for the bridge (7.49) gvs preparation for deck staging of the road, including erection of scaffolding [Scaffolding Great Britain Ltd.] (9.13) gvs construction of approach decks; men empty hoppers of concrete (9.42) shots showing amount of reinforcement used in approach decks [Clyde Steel Reinforcement Co.] (10.21) ms workmen pulling cable; cables are stressed using CCL's strand force system; c/u two part steel wedge; ms workmen using "Stress-0-matic 30 tonne jacks" to stress cables (12.07) shots of concrete suspended between columns and over Paisley road (12.28) Oil tanker lorry leaving depot at Grangemouth; lorry arriving and filling up Conoco fuel bowser (13.44) shots of bridge on 8th August 1969; shot of last skip of concrete being poured (14.07) aerial shots of partly completed bridge (14.29) gvs construction of pier foundations, using bored piles; gvs setting pinned bearings in pier (16.39) diagram illustrating temporary reinforcement of bearings (17.06) gvs building same (17.39) gvs men immobilising 'hinge' of 12 pairs spheroidal graphite iron castings on North pier (18.33) ls three box girders [which will each support a carriageway] exposed during building (18.50) diagram illustrating tapering of boxes towards river centre (19.04) gvs pre-stressing bridge elements (20.22) pre-stressed bars are lowered into place (21.00) diagram illustrating first sections of land and river span (21.19) gvs construction same, showing shuttering and jacks used during construction and stressing of bars (24.10) gvs stancions taking the load of the bridge during construction (25.11) aerial view bridge (25.26) December 1969; gvs bridge nearing completion; c/u gap between North and South (26.20) Lord Provost Liddell at laying of concrete at 'final pour' (26.57) men working on final stages of completion of upstream bridge (28.42) opening ceremony by H.M. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (28.35) tracking shots crossing bridge; gvs bridge and traffic (31.23) ecs (32.57)