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  • Clackmannanshire


  • Education


  • Sponsored


  • Scottish Amateur Film Festival (SAFF)


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 2719

Date: 1964

Director: filmed by Brian Benson

Sponsor: Clackmannan County Council Education Committee

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.49 mins

Description: Activities at a school camp near Gartocharn in Dunbartonshire ranging from a visit to a farm, the production of the camp newspaper, theatre productions, and dancing "the twist" at the end of the camp.

Film set in the Trossachs not far from Gartocharn, Dunbartonshire. The school camp is at the foot of Queen Elizabeth Forest.

Winner of the Lizars Salver - for the best film on Scotland and the M.H. Robertson Ltd. Prize - £3.3/- at the Scottish Amateur Film Festival in 1964.

See National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive paper archive ref. 2/3/51.

Credits: ph. Brian Benson
sc. T.E.M. Landsborough
comm. s. Michael Aspel
m. Clachan Ceilidh Band

"Clackmannan County Council Education Committee acknowledge the help of their teaching and administration staff in the making of this film. Head Master Wm Stark"

Shotlist: credits (0.12) shots of children entering school grounds (0.21) c/u boy making an impression of tree bark and pinning it up on nature display board (0.50) c/u of pupils looking at stones and classifying them (1.14) gvs pupils examining the bones of a roe deer outside school (1.45) c/u of schoolgirls examining soil (2.22) shots of schoolboys on school lawn doing a fulcrum and lever exercise (2.59) shot of two girls weighing and measuring height of boys (3.29) shots of two boys examining a barometer and recording reading on a chart (4.06) shots in classroom of pupils and teacher compiling the camp newspaper and using a duplicating machine (5.01) gvs of newspaper being distributed and schoolgirls laughing at its contents (5.14) gvs of children and two teachers jogging uphill, through the Queen Elizabeth forest (7.28) gvs of them at the peak (7.40) gvs of them running downhill back to camp (8.18) shot of female cook banging mealtime gong (8.23) gvs pupils arriving and being served their meal (9.16) gvs pupils and teacher boarding coach and it arriving at a farm (10.12) shots of farmer showing children a tractor and his herd of Freisian cattle (11.08) gvs children watching milkman load his van (11.16) shots of pupils being told how a plough works and how a haystack is built (12.10) gvs headmaster and camp leader entering camp tuckshop (12.22) shots of matron taking temperature of sick girl (13.07) shots of boy showing pictures on the history of the Norman invasion and of a model monastery to a group of pupils (13.40) gvs pupils constructing and painting their history pageant (14.09) gvs teacher and pupils painting their models of computers, then taking them to the camp's "Cape Kennedy" (14.36) shots of boys making model of Pictish village (14.57) shots of boys acting on stage in a battle between the Picts and the Romans (16.09) shots of girls making and trying on mediaeval costumes (16.47) shots of pupils giving performances in the camp theatre about William Wallace and Mary Queen of Scots (20.45) shots of a packed dance floor and pupils doing "the twist" (21.04) collage of activities at the camp shown in previous shots (21.31) shots of pupils departing from the camp (21.39) ecs (21.49)