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  • Glasgow


  • Healthcare


  • Medical
  • Sponsored


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 2717

Date: 1970c

Director: p. Alan McIlroy

Sponsor: Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Associated Hospitals

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.42 mins

Description: Nurses demonstrate aseptic technique for replacing a patient's dressing and care of the patient.

Credits: simulation by St. Andrews Ambulance Assoc.
illust. Parke Davis
comm.s. Bob Christie
med. illust. Canniesburn Hospital

Shotlist: credits (0.47) microscopic c/u bacteria (0.58) ms nurse washing her hands; c/u hands (1.26) bacteria (1.37) illustrations demonstrating early medical practice in Egypt, South America, India and Europe, including Lister in Glasgow Royal Infirmary (2.56) ms patient reading in bed (3.06) exts. nurse waves to patient as he leaves (3.21) ints. two nurses [a dresser and assistant] demonstrate aseptic technique for replacing a patient's dressing and care of the patient; nurses position the patient and pull the curtain (4.27) ms nurses put on masks (5.02) nurses wash their hands; one thoroughly sterilises and dries the preparation trolley (7.09) dresser sellotapes a dressings disposal bag and a plastic instruments bag to the trolley; c/u same (7.53) nurse opens dressing bag, empties it and sellotapes bag to trolley [to hold instrument container]; instruments are emptied onto the dressing (8.50) assistant exposes the patient's dressing; dresser loosens it (9.18) ms nurse washes hands, turns off taps with her elbows (10.07) nurse removes dressing with forceps and discards both items; antiseptic solution is poured (10.58) nurse cleans and dries the wound and dresses it (13.22) c/u disposal bags; nurse disposes of all items and seals bags at bedside (14.00) ms nurses make the patient comfortable (14.58) nurse places soiled items in a bin outside the ward, and cleans scissors; she washes the trolley with Savlon 1:200 solution and dries it (16.36) ms nurses remove masks by the elastic; remaining items removed to preparation area (16.55) ms nurses wash their hands (17.08) series of stills illustrating the procedure, then series of shots from before, v/o reiterating points of aseptic technique (19.07) ls nurse waving to leaving patient (19.22) c/u bacteria (19.35) The End (19.42)