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Reference number: 2681A

Date: 1939 / 1945* /1976c

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.03 mins

Description: Dating from c. 1939 - 1976, this film offers a glimpse of community life in Caithness and its landmarks. Includes footage of Watten Gala, 1976. [See also ref. 2681]

Shotlist: [Please note: shotlisted from VHS copy, timings converted from 25 to 18fps]

No credits. c/u birds feeding in snow (0.44) exts. group shot of nurses, standing in front of building; pan over individuals; group walking (1.21) ints. the nurses prepare equipment including sterilisation equipment (1.43) view of John O'Groats, water flowing down from a defunct waterwheel; bridge; people standing on beach watching birds fly (2.59) gvs land and seascapes, Caithness, including Canisbay Kirk, Dunnet Head Lighthouse overlooking Pentland Firth (4.18) burial mound and stone entrance [Camster?]; ruined farmhouses, and peat cutting; deer walk across a hillside (5.19) stone circle and small standing stones (5.28) coastline, ruins of Keiss castle tower; and whitewashed church; sunset(6.29) gvs flower beds, including tall lupins outside house (7.48) -blank- (7.54) girl cycling along, gvs playing children on street and outside new houses, cars parked outside neighbours talk to one another (9.11) man drives tractor along street (9.16) gvs gardens, with couple tending flower beds etc, two men on wall include Joe Dinwoodie (10.19) two boys pull rowing boat out to river and into rushes view of estuary (11.25) brief shot man in car, another man talks to him (man talking is Hector Sinclair) (11.32) ints public building, women serve tea and cakes, flower arrangements are displayed, fresh produce etc (12.06) children's fancy dress, children gather outside hall and are brought to the hall by parents (12.56) shot of the Wattan Gala Queen 1976 walking from car (13.02) gala parade, lead aby a piper (14.14) two men play the fool for the camera, one pretending to kiss the other on the cheek (14.11) gvs children and their costumes (14.32) a feast of cakes and sandwiches spread out on a table (14.48) older man is soaked with bucket of water, as part of a shying game (14.54) ints mothers and babies, competition for beautiful baby? (15.11) exts Blacksmiths shop - owned by Sandy Anderson (15.21)