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Reference number: 2400

Date: 1953*

Sponsor: National Fitness Council for Scotland

Production company: Campbell Harper Films, Edinburgh

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.23 mins

Description: Aimed at girls about to leave school, the film aims to promote the best way to live a healthy life including keeping fit, dancing, sports and the Girl Guides.

One of a series of three. See also refs. 2398 and 2399.

Shotlist: Credits (.11); This film has been made for all girls, and particularly for those leaving school and who are setting out on the greatest adventure of their lives. For fourteen years you have been growing up. Drawings of girls from one to fourteen years engaged in various activities (.57); You have now reached the venerable age of fourteen. You are about to leave school. You are going out into the big wide world. You want to make the most of yourself you want to be attractive ... and whatever your work may be.. Gvs women at different kinds of work (2.13); You must be fit. Gvs girls at various sports activities (2.39); Smart clothes won't hide slackness and round shoulders. Girls who become famous and good at their jobs don't spend their free time like this ... Gvs girls lounging in chairs and smoking (3.02); Those who aim to be successful find their fun in developing strong bodies and keen minds. Gvs girls at keep fit and sports (3.39); They get their fun and learn how to keep fit in a Girls' Club. Gvs girls in keep fit class (3.57); One of the secrets of attractive womanhood is a fit healthy body. These girls have found how to make the most of themselves. Gvs girls at keep fit class (4.52); Skipping and dancing develop a good figure. Gvs girls skipping and dancing in keep fit class (5.21); But exercises are only one of the many ways of keeping fit. Badminton in a Girls' Club room. Shots of same (5.50); A skipping class. Shots of same (6.27); Former pupils playing netball. Gvs same (7.10); Swimming is a fine all round exercise. Girls swimming (7.55); Cycling and caravanning are good fun. Gvs same (8.41); Girl Guides take pride in their fitness and give a display at one of their rallies. Gvs same (9.38); But a good hike and a weekend camp are just as jolly ways to keep fit as any other. Gvs Girl Guides on a hike and at camp (10.58); All this fun can be yours. There is a place waiting for you in those happy gatherings of friends who are playing their way to be strong healthy women and good citizens. Make fitness your fun. Get fun out of fitness. Get fit and keep fit! ecs (11.23)