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  • Campbell Harper Productions


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 2399

Date: 1953*

Sponsor: National Fitness Council for Scotland

Production company: Campbell Harper Films, Edinburgh

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11 mins

Description: Aimed at boys just about to leave school, the film promotes a healthy way of life involving regular exercise and sports. Film includes shots of Boys Brigade company performing body building exercises.

One of a series of three, see also 2398 and 2400

Shotlist: Credits (.11); This film has been made for all boys, and particularly for those leaving school and who are setting out on the greatest adventure of their lives. For fourteen years you have been growing up. Drawings of boys from one to fourteen years engaged in various activities (1.03); You have now reached the venerable age of fourteen. You are about to leave school. You are going out into the big wide world. You want to be a man. What kind of man? Whatever you want to become. Close-ups of men engaged in different professions (1.50); Gvs steam train pulling out of siding (1.55); Gvs bi-planes (2.06); You must be fit. Gvs boys at various sports activities (2.33); Men who become famous and good at their jobs don't spend their free time like this ... Gvs boys standing outside a betting shop and strolling along a street (2.45); Those who aim to be successful find their fun in developing strong bodies and keen minds. Gvs boys at various sports (3.21); After their day's work they have their fun and recreation in a Boys' Club or a Continuation School Keep Fit class. Gvs boys arriving at a Boys' Club (3.50); A brisk work out relaxes tired muscles and produces vim and vigour. Gvs boys at keep fit (4.14); After the exercises a swift game of basketball to give light feet and quick hands and eyes. Gvs boys playing basketball (4.27); Strong flexible wrists and keen eyes are required for table tennis. Gvs boys playing table tennis (4.39); On the other nights, the club may meet at the swimming baths. Gvs boys playing water polo, swimming and diving (5.12); Here is a Boys Brigade Company performing body building exercises. Gvs boys at keep fit and doing gymnastics (6.56); All boys' organisations play football. Gvs boys playing football (7.10); Basketball in the parks. Gvs boys playing outdoor basketball (7.30); Tenniquoits. Gvs boys playing outdoor tenniquoits (7.52); Most boys' organisations provide camps. Gvs boy scouts setting up camp (8.36); Former Pupils' Clubs are offering boys the chance to practice all kinds of athletics. Gvs boys taking part in athletics (9.16); And here is part of an entertainment given by boys to show their parents and friends what they can do. Gvs boys taking part in stage show (10.31); All this fun can be yours. There is a place waiting for you in those happy gatherings of pals who are playing their way to be strong healthy men. Make fitness your fun. Get fun out of fitness. End credits (11.01).