Peace protesters, mostly young people, gather at Clydebank, laying out banners and assembling in preparation for the demonstration march ahead. An impressive turnout! (clip - full length available onsite)

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Reference number: 2397

Date: 1952

Director: [filmed by a member of the Dawn Cine Group]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.15 mins

Description: Possibly a film of the Youth Festival held in Clydebank on 28th September 1952, it shows a campsite and various sports taking place. Crowds gathering for a demonstration and groups carrying banners including "World Youth Friendship and Peace" and "Ban the Atom Bomb".

See Additional Information file for article in Clydebank press, 3rd October 1952.

Shotlist: No credits. Shots down to housing, sports ground (0.51). Men erecting a marquee. Campsite [possibly for participants at the Youth Festival] (1.15); Gvs campers and visitors in city clothes (1.58); Meeting at campsite, games, mealtime (3.50); Sports ground [as seen in opening sequence]. Gvs races, polo on bicycles, etc. (4.36); ints An accordion player. Demonstration Scottish country dancing [dark]. Gvs other performances, photographed from wings [dark] (6.00); Clydebank. [Clyde Street?] Crowds assembling for parade. Gvs parade and shots of various groups with banners reading "World Youth Friendship and Peace", "Glasgow Young Communist League", "Ban the Atom Bomb", "British Youth Peace Festival", "Cut Conscription". Parade passes Clydebank Central Station and enters park [Mountblow] (12.00); Shots of assembled crowd listening to speeches from balcony [possibly including Revd. W. McRoberts of Clydebank] (14.59); Gvs sports ground and houses in the vicinity (15.15).