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  • Orkney Islands


  • Science and technology


  • Amateur


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 2360

Date: 1937c

Director: filmed by William Kirkness

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.40 mins

Description: The excavation of a long stalled, chambered cairn on Rousay, Orkney.

Entered in Edinburgh Amateur Film Festival 1938

Credits: A long stalled, chambered cairn, Rousay, Orkney
Excavated by Walker E Grant, FSA Scot in 1937
ph. William Kirkness FSA Scot
d. David Wilson ARIAS FSA Scot

Shotlist: ROWIEGAR A Long. Stalled. Chambered Cairn. Roysay. Orkney. credits (.24) Monuments of this type are communal Tombs of the Late Stone Age, plan of site (.41) Rowiegar is similar to other Cairns in [plan of site] (1.22) Outside of Cairn.[ plan of site and shots of site] (2.29) Stone Box which may have been a short cist on top of original walling [plan of site and shot of site] Inside of Cairn. [shot of site] Stalls on East Side [plan and shots of site] Stalls on West Side [shots of site] Inner End [shots of site] Later building above original wall. [shots of site] Chamber blocked by North West End of Later Earth House.[plan of site and shots of site] Earth Houses are Subterranean Dwellings usually of the Iron Age. Entrance End of Chamber much destroyed by later building [plan and site] Access to the part of the Earth House still covered. [plan and site] Remains of Iron Age Domestic Building abutting on Landward Side of Cairn [shots of site] Walls extending seawards from the corners of the Cairn.[plan and shots of site] The End (9.34)