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  • Aberdeen


  • Birds
  • Fish and fishing
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions


  • Educational


  • Campbell Harper Productions
  • HARPER, Alan James


  • Digicult


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 2320

Date: 1970

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 18.00 mins, c

Description: The historical background to the growth of the city of Aberdeen.

Production file held at National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive.

Credits: educ. adv. J.F.C. Davidson, A.P. Farquhar.
ph. Mark Littlewood.
comm. Douglas Kynoch.
p. Alan Harper

Shotlist: No credits shot of parrots (0.04); Men talking in the street (0.07); Shot of fish eating (0.10); Shot of fishing trawler coming into Aberdeen harbour (0.13); Shot of boy with model of boat (0.15); Shot of otters (0.19); Shot of Aberdeen beach and children playing in sand (0.22); Shot of map of Scotland, zooming in on Aberdeen (0.35); Gv's Aberdeen - driving shots of street scenes and city centre (1.14); Old picture of Aberdeen as a village (1.19); Shots of old Aberdeen (1.28); Shot of stained glass window (1.35); Shot of church and graveyard with ornamental gateway (1.48); Shot of unidentified with his Majesty's Theatre in background (1.54); Shot of unidentified park with floral decoration 'Bon Accord', panning away under bridge (2.10); Shot of old picture of Aberdeen with bridge over River Dee (?) (2.21); Shot of unidentified bridge over River Dee (?) (2.30); Shot of ? bridge (2.43); Shot of old picture of fields and road (2.40); Copied from the Plan by James Gordon, Parson of Rothemay 1661 by Gibb and Hay. Draughtsmen, Lithographers and Engravers to the Queen, 3 Queen Street Aberdeen. Shot of old map of Aberdeen (2.47); Shot of old picture of Aberdeen (2.55); Map of old Aberdeen Urbs Abredo Nia. The Newtown of Aberdeen (3.01); Shots of maps of city centre including Union Street (3.20); Old picture of bridges of Aberdeen (3.38); Shot of map of city centre including Union Street, and King Street (3.46); Gv's Street of Aberdeen following map (3.57); Shots of floral display with bridge in background, maps pointing to, and shots of streets of Aberdeen (4.20); Gv's street scenes, including market (4.44); Very old picture of unidentified man (4.51); Shots of St Andrews Cathedral in Aberdeen and Aberdeen University (6.06); Shots of swimming pool and schools, including interior and exterior shots of classrooms and children at work (8.00); Shots of Aberdeen College of Commerce (8.15); Gv's of Aberdeen suburbs (8.40); Shot of Aberdeen Harbour (8.48); Shots of aquariums and fish feeding, shellfish in crates (9.28); Shots of the Ministry of Technology - Torry Research Station (9.40); Shots of men handling all kinds of fish, including shots of fishermen bringing in catch (10.13); Gv's Aberdeen Harbour (10.59); Gv's Aberdeen Station (11.04); More Gv's Aberdeen Harbour (11.48); Shots of sheep market and cattle auction (12.37); Gv's factories and workers, including paper mill, building, quarrying (13.27). Panning shots of Georgian (?) buildings and gardens (13.48). Long shots of Aberdeen, including high-rise flats (14.12). Shot of River Don (?) and water-works (14.24). Shot of statue of Queen Victoria (?) (14.36). Long shots of hills and sheep, river and unidentified castle (14.54). Interior shots of police station and policemen at work (15.16). Shot of large unidentified building (15.34). Shots of children playing on beach and crowded beach scenes, panning to golf course (16.14). Gv's park and Aberdeen Zoo (17.20). Old pictures of Aberdeen (17.34). Shots of street scenes and monuments (18.18). Over shot of Aberdeen, looking out onto the sea, including harbour (18.31). Credits (18.45).