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Reference number: 2266

Date: 1975

Director: d. Steve Clark-Hall

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the Royal Burgh of Kirkcaldy

Production company: Sidhartha Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.56 mins

Description: Guided by a cartoon disc jockey, the film looks at the Fife town of Kirkcaldy. Its townspeople tell of their town, their attitudes to it, its oddities, pleasures and problems.

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Credits: ass. d. Iain Smith
p. ass. Fiona Macdonald
sd. Ian Leslie, Louis Kramer
camera Gordon Coull, David Peat
eds Bill Landale, Bert Eeles
sc. Steve Clark-Hall, Douglas Eadie
graphics Donald Holwill
deejay Roland Hamilton
moog David MacNiven

Shotlist: Tracking shots and gvs Forth Rail Bridge and brief ints. of train driver's cab (.24) cartoon of d.j. and graphics intercut with montage of very brief shots of locations in Kirkcaldy (1.50) gvs Kirkcaldy beach, Dysart, and Raven's Castle with multi-storey flats in b/g (2.20) gvs ext. high-rise flats (2.53) shots of Ravenscraig Park (3.27) gvs Kirkcaldy beach (3.49) [graphics and cartoon] (3.55) gvs Dysart with shots of its old and new housing, including the "Little Houses of Scotland" (5.27) l/s Frances (?) pit and shots of miners leaving and going into pit works (6.06) pan of Seafield pit (6.12) shots inside pit, showing coal and shot of miners coming up in the cage and leaving for the day, intercut with shot of retired miner talking to camera in his sitting room (6.53) ints. Miners' Club with shots of men playing darts and drinking beer and of men and women sitting chatting, intercut with shots of miners going into pit (7.50) [cartoon] (8.21) brief shots of logs and ints. furniture factory with shots of men working with wood (9.26) [cartoon] (9.34) shots of lino on rollers in factory (10.02) [graphics] (10.47) panning view of ext. of lino factory (10.55) ints. lino factory with men checking lino (11.37) ints. director's office with director looking at samples of lino (12.01) [graphics] (12.23) workers leaving factories on industrial estate (including shot of Fife Free Press and Rank Organisation buildings) (12.48) ints. and exts. of shopping centre and of shops in street (13.50) brief shot park (14.01) shots of people sunbathing in park (14.22) brief shot of men playing golf (14.32) tracking shots of villas, high-rise flats (15.05) shots of children playing football on grass (15.17) gvs Raith housing estate (16.58) shots of sheltered housing in Dysart with retired miner talking about the special facilities available for residents (17.40) exts. the Town House, Sheriff's Court, Memorial Park (19.12) exts. and ints. of the Adam Smith Centre (19.30) gvs street market with shots of the Lord Provost in regalia walking through market and on one of the "rides" and gvs ferris wheel etc. and people at the fair (21.33) ecs (21.56)