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  • Argyllshire
  • Highlands, the
  • Perth and Perthshire
  • Ross-shire


  • Agriculture
  • Power resources
  • Transport
  • Water and waterways


  • Sponsored


  • Films of Scotland Committee


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 2240

Date: 1958

Director: d. Lew Davidson

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board

Production company: Greenpark Productions Ltd in association with the Film Producers Guild

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20 mins

Description: The story of the electrification of the Highlands by the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board. Commentary by John Grierson.

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Credits: narr. John Grierson
ph. Arthur Leavies, John Wiles
ed. John Fanner
sd. Ben Abbott
exec. p. Humphrey Swingler

Shotlist: title (.15) brief shot cyclists and backpackers in the rain (.23) gvs rivers and lochs (1.34) water running down a gutter (1.48) shots of a dam (2.08) map of Scotland highlighting Loch Sloy (3.03) shots of water pipes to a dam (3.43) int. shots of tunnelling work in construction of Sloy dam (4.20) car driving through monument constructed to workmen of the tunnel (4.28) water rushing into Loch Sloy dam (5.15) pylons (5.20) gvs the dam at Loch Lairige (6.08) map of Scotland showing Loch Tummel dam water sources (6.31) Tummel and Rannoch dams, power station (6.55) gvs Loch Errochty reservoir, Loch Tummel, dam at Clunie, Clunie power station (7.26) Pitlochry power station (ext. and int. of control room (8.17) map of water power in Ross-shire (8.29) dam at Glascarnoch (8.36) power station at Luichart (8.53) dams at Tummel (9.02) construction work on dam at Glenmoriston, exts. and ints. (10.07) c/u of buttresses of dam at Shira (10.22) dam construction vehicles on road (10.32) construction work on dam (10.44) blasting rock for construction of dam (11.26) illustration of construction (11.56) reservoir at Loch Cuaich ( 12.20) engineers in discussion (12.44) l/s steam train (12.50) men at work welding in power station (12.59) dam at Glen Affric (13.35) workers' houses at Cannich with shots of construction of stone houses (14.09) tracking shot of Highland road (14.28) shepherd with sheepdog and flock of sheep (14.35) gvs landscape, lochs (14.56) fish ladder at Pitlochry (15.13) falls of Lochy (16.12) salmon hatchery at Invergarry (17.12) electric pylons and telegraph poles in the Highlands (17.24) ext. of lit up cottage at night (17.29) electric powered machinery (17.34) electric brooders for poultry (17.38) electric dryers for grain and grass (17.46) shot of people attending the opening of Invergarry power station (18.07) shot of puffer with cargo of coal approaching harbour on West Coast and unloading (18.32) shot of pit head and of coal in railway wagons on its way to power station (18.42) gvs dams (18.50) Dounreay power station (19.06) construction of a dam (19.30) gvs lochs (19.57) ecs (20.23)