The tower at Rothesay Pier catches fire and, despite the efforts of firefighters, it eventually collapses. (clip)

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Reference number: 2085

Date: 1962c

Director: [filmed by Mr. Hunter]

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.05 mins

Description: Family film of various holidays in Rothesay. The film also includes footage of a fire on Rothesay pier with shots of the building ablaze and fire fighters at work.

On Saturday 19 May 1962, fire destroyed the Victorian clock tower, gutted the harbour masters office, and water damage was caused to the ticket and parcel offices. Repairs were carried out and a temporary harbour masters office was built. It was finally decided to demolished the damage buildings in 1966.

Shotlist: No credits. Family get into car (0.07) ls Hunter family walking beside car parked on road to Loch Fyne; playing with toy dog; picnic, mountains and river in b/ground (0.51) cars arriving on shore by ferry (1.04) Family holiday at Rothesay; elevated pan over Rothesay pier (1.25) tracking shot of Hunters on pier, as steamer leaves, tracking shots pier and Rothesay (1.51) ls steamer on Clyde (2.01) shots of girls on pier; feeding gulls (2.58); Shot of smoke curling up out of clock tower on Rothesay pier. General views of building ablaze, fire fighting, crowd watching and collapse of structure; tracking shot of demolition from leaving boat, fire engine in f/ground (5.26); tracking ls lighthouse (5.38) Camping holiday, Mull of Kintyre. girl walking two papillion dogs on the beach, dogs playing (6.44) family picnic in dunes (7.26) shots of tent and the sea; man walking dogs over rocky coastline; woman in red dress feeding swans (8.59) Shots of car and campsite (9.00) dogs playing with balloon in back garden (10.05) Family holiday in Rothesay. Rothesay Highland Games, march past of pipe bands, including the Vancouver Kiwanis Boys; Glasgow Police; Muirhead and Sons. (12.00) Women standing on seafront, one in pipe band uniform (12.32) pan over Firth of Clyde, steamers (12.51) Hunter women in "three monkeys" pose; c/u dog; women throwing stones in to the river, playing and walk to the water's edge in bikinis [weather overcast] (14.34) shots of pipe bands gathered in park. General views of the games, including wrestling, high jump and foot races (17.05)