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Reference number: 1979

Date: 1940*

Sponsor: Glasgow Corporation Public Health Department

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12 mins

Description: Some of the work of the Public Health Department, including the checking of imported foodstuffs, sanitary inspection of housing, hospital care and child welfare.

Shotlist: Title and introduction (0.33); The Annual Report of the Public Health Department... Close-up shot across spines of consecutive annual report binders on bookcase (0.40); As the second largest port in the Empire, the examination of imported foodstuffs is an important phase of department work. Various shots of Clydeside docks and cargoes being unloaded (1.14); Samples are taken for the chemical analysis of all commodities such as cheese, butter, grain and fruit. Shots of examination of foodstuffs (2.03); In the city, sanitary inspectors are constantly examining property and making reports on all kinds of 'nuisances'. Various shots of tenement buildings including shots of children playing in a puddle in back court, washing etc. (2.30); When property falls below a certain standard it must be demolished. Shots of workmen carrying out demolition work (2.59); And thus making way for the creation of better healthier and happier living conditions. Shots of workmen laying pipes outside tenement buildings, construction of new tenements. Panning shot of finished tenements, children playing on swings (3.39); But illness and disease have not been completely eradicated. Shots of ambulance arriving at hospital and patient on a stretcher being carried inside (4.05); Shots of children in beds outside for fresh air. Shots of children's meal time (4.29); The hospitals serve young and old. Various shots taken inside a ward of patients and nurses (4.51); The work varies from the resuscitation of a newly born child to a major operation. Shot of newly born baby and shots of an operation being carried out (5.31); From the use of x-ray for examination and diagnosis. Various shots of x-ray equipment, shots of patient being x-rayed and checking the x-ray plate (5.58); To its curative powers used in therapy treatment for a brain tumour. Shots of patient receiving treatment to head (6.29); Reports on hospital work must cover the important task of providing 40,000 meals a day. Various shots taken inside a hospital kitchen (6.58); The progress by nurses during their training and the temporary guardianship of children. Shots of nurses in a classroom. Shots of large group of children walking down a road under the supervision of nurses (7.29); Child welfare is an important part of public services and many other out-door clinics. Shots of various hospital signs (7.49); Statistical department. Various shots taken inside the department with descriptive captions throughout, including records being written up, transfer of information to punched cards, punch machinery and operators, counting machinery, sorting machines including a "Hollerith", filling out of final reports for the year's statistics; c/u report itemising different conditions of alcoholism, senility, poisoning, etc. (12.00).