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Reference number: 1975

Date: 1926

Sponsor: Exclusive Film [possibly for local cinema]

Production company: Topical Productions, Glasgow

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.00 mins

Description: Some of the events surrounding the Royal Burgh of Rutherglen Octocentenary Celebrations including the unveiling of the new Mercat Cross by Lord Fleming, the historical pageant and coronation of pageant Queen.

Shotlist: No credits. A group of well-known Ruglonians. Do you know 'em? (.10) group of adult men standing outside church (.49) The Royal Burgh from the Town Hall. Pan from Town Hall tower of the town (1.06) Cathkin Braes in the background. Ruglen's wee roon red lums in the foreground. Pan from tower (1.28) The Town Hall. Street with Town Hall (1.34) The Burgh's bonnie bairns. c/u group shot of of crowd of children, one adult in uniform [Erchie] amongst them (2.58) "Erchie" wi the weans proclaiming the Octocentenary Celebrations. Erchie and drum surrounded by children (3.21) Royal Burgh of Rutherglen Octocentenary Celebrations. Lord Fleming unveils the new Mercat Cross. Shot of platform party. Speeches and unveiling (4.34) Spectators (5.05) The First Aid Battalion. Always at your service. Group of first aid workers (5.23) Spectators (5.39) Grand historical pageant. gvs motorised lorries decorated with tableaux turning off road into Overtoun Park (8./49) Crowing of Queen (Miss Peggy MacFarlane) by Mrs. Kirkwood. gvs of open air crowning ceremony (9.27) ecs (9.31)