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Title: LOCOMOTIVE, the

Reference number: 1964

Date: 1949c

Director: d. Cecil Musk

Sponsor: The Locomotive Manufacturers Association of Great Britain

Production company: Furneaux-Weber Ltd

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 29.44 mins

Description: Detailed technical overview of the creation and assembly of a locomotive train, from foundry to erection shop. Shows shots of manufacturing processes; workers leaving a yard [possibly North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow] and a locomotive being hoisted by crane onto a cargo ship. The film concludes with a look at different locomotives made for particular destinations and uses.

Credits: p. Rupert Furneaux
colour control Dr. Sigvard Weber
tech. adv. A. J. Lane, J.P.
ed. S. Cox

Members of the Association are: W.G. Bagnall Ltd. Stafford; Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. Ltd., Kilmarnock; Beyer Peacock & Co. Ltd. Manchester; Hudswell Clarke & Co. Ltd. The Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd.; North British Locomotive Company Limited, Glasgow; Peckett & Sons Ltd. Bristol; Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns, Ltd. Darlington & Newcastle on Tyne; The Vulcan Foundry Ltd. Newton le Willows; Yorkshire Engine Co. Ltd. Sheffield.

Shotlist: Credits (1.12); "Golden Arrow" steam locomotive under way, city, then countryside in b/ground (2.05); Historical development of steam locomotion from 1803 to 1927, illustrated with stills; Richard Trevithick and his tram engine; Rack Locomotive; W. Hedley's "Puffing Billy"; Locomotion No. 1; Rainhill trials 1829; the Royal Scot (5.49); Locomotive No 62012 leaving the workshop (6.14); Loco design in workshops (6.28); General views of drawing offices; (6.44) manufacturing wooden patterns; casting of parts in iron; (7.56) steel foundry; pouring steel from a steel furnace; (9.18) forging hot bloom of steel into connecting rod, using an automatic hammer and shaping tools, intercut with c/u forgeman's face (10.14) c/u connecting rod lifted out of heat treatment and lowered into oil tank; (10.45) testing parts for tensile strength; diamond pyramid hardness test; metallurgist examines microscopic structure of steel; pan over laboratory (11.54); Pressing plate into a firebox throat plate; rolling a thick plate into a cylindrical boiler part; construction of boiler, drilling and riveting boiler plates (14.37) gvs boiler mounting shop (14.58) further views of cylinder casting processes; casts are machined and tested; ms boring machine, c/u operation (15.48) brief introductions to various machines, each shown machining locomotive parts; gas cutter; planer miller; three headed frame slotter; boring machine, employing a colour guide to operation; miller; horizontal surface grinder; plough polishers; gang planing of axle boxes; reversing link grinder; six-thimble automatic; high speed axle turning lathe; tyre borers (19.34); General views of locomotive erecting shops, showing assembly of locomotive from machined parts; lowering the boiler assembly of a Garrett articulated locomotive onto its wheels; valve setting (22.22) nearly complete locomotive undergoes steam testing; locomotive moves under its own steam, to the paint shop (22.54) exts. factory; ints. erecting shop, showing that locos are packed closely together; [slightly shaky] tracking shot from travelling overhead crane (24.25); Workers leaving yard, possibly North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow [Glasgow Corporation bus briefly visible] (24.42); Diesel locomotive construction, general views of diesel engines in yard (25.31); Steam wood-burning loco; articulated loco; crane loco [of the Clyde Alloy Steel Co.]; "fireless" loco; shunting engine (26.37); Loading locomotive by crane onto cargo ship; locomotives waiting at docks; Meadowbank Granary visible in b/ground (27.22); Map of world export routes. Steam loco in Indian railway station (possibly Howrah?); Victoria Falls; railway bridge (28.35); General views of steam locos underway, in different parts of the world (28.49); Members of the Association are ... [list of companies follows, including Andrew Barclay and Company, Kilmarnock, North British Locomotive Company Limited, Glasgow] (30.52); The End (30.58)